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Persistence Is The Key Of Any Achievement In Your Life
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Each person in this world has a life’s purpose and must set and follow a big life goal. That’s why we come here. Unfortunately, many people let their lives passing by without knowing where they are going. They are just living the day to day struggle without even thinking what they are leaving behind.

There are also people who think to their life purpose, would like to change their lives for better and to live their dream; they establish goals, but forget about them in a short while complaining of lack of time, energy or motivation.

Few people succeed. We admire them and think they are so fortunate having all the best things in their lives. We wish to be like them, but consider it almost impossible thinking that they must have something special which ordinary people don’t have.

Do they really have something special? Yes, they have something special but it isn’t something ‘ordinary’ people don’t have. By the way, I don’t like to split people in ‘special’ and ‘ordinary’. Every person is special. The difference between the so called special people and ordinary people is the concern for their path in life and the persistence they put in following their dream.

Everybody can dream, everybody can have a goal, everybody can live his/her dream. There is no exception.

The difference between people who know for what they are living and those who don’t is the concern.

The difference between people who follow their dream and people who give up is only one: persistence.

Is that so difficult to be persistent? Many people complain about lack of motivation. But I think this is a false problem. When we think about our goal we feel enthusiastic, feel that we are so powerful that we can move the mountains. Then, the intensity of this feeling burn down and we struggle to get it back. We cannot do it and we give up. But our duty is to keep it alive in our heart, to know all the time that it is there even if we don’t feel so enthusiastic for the moment.

How can we do this?

It is not as difficult as it may seem.

We know that any journey begins with the first step and that every following step we make gets us closer to the destination.

Now, let’s split our big long term goal in smaller goals to be reached on medium and short term. Then, take further the short term goals and split in objectives to reach in three to six months. Finally, set monthly, weekly and daily objectives and tasks.

The second step is to plan and implement the daily tasks. Every evening do the follow up of the day and set the tasks for the next day. Every end of the week, do the follow up of the week and plan in detail the tasks for the next one.

Don’t overdo! Establish only achievable tasks and do them daily with no exception. Step by step you get closer and closer and, after a while, when you look behind you’ll see the progress.

Keep your big dream in your heart and concentrate on the daily tasks. Stay busy, evaluate your progress, and fine tune your short and medium term planning. In this way you will easily overpass temporary breakdowns and will go on towards your big goal.

I will tell you a secret. After every breakdown you will become stronger and the progress will be more visible. If you have ever learned a foreign language you might know. The first months or even years you cannot see any visible progress and you become worried, then, suddenly, you start to speak and everything becomes surprisingly easy.

So, be persistent in following your daily, weekly and monthly planning. From time to time, take your time and dream about your big goal, then go back to your work. Be persistent and nothing will ever stop you.

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You are sharing good information. I really like it. Key of achievement in your life is good article which provide the information to all the users.

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