Privacy Of Your Secret Work
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This document is an addition to articles "How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home" and "Prevent Them from Knowing About You".

First of all, I have to say that the information that these articles contain is not enough to take the proper care of your privacy. However, they give you some valuable pieces of advice. Let us now briefly recall the most important ones:

No visitor to your home (also valid for relatives and, if possible, workers as well); always one member of your family is present at home (the house or apartment is never left empty without supervision); some additional computer (or tablet) that has no connection to any network; no online viewing of maps or schedules; additional mobile phone (used only at a different & distant location than that of your home for viewing of things you are not interested about and without any real personal contacts); downloading and/or buying of different movies and songs than those that you really like; no private readable things in the trash can or dustbin; regular change of the door locks (always bought at a different & distant place); no direct traveling to important places; no talking about important private things at home, in the car or on beloved places (e.g. a friend's house or the pub in the country, favorite and regularly visited places in Nature); no visited web sites related to what matters most to you etc.

But let us now have a look at one problem of privacy that is very special: The preservation of it for yourselves despite the fact, that you have created something very big and important.

Please take into account that it is highly probable, that as soon as you start to work on something interesting (and it is known about you), there will be a friend from the secret service (a Hellish one at best), but if there is a need, especially some serious reason like a national or international security, some close people of yours can be used, too (they will be under the oath of secrecy, being forbidden to tell you about it).

On the other hand, many normal families have someone like this for a friend, often all life long. The reason is to have access to them and to know about them. Moreover, relaxed in a friendly atmosphere (and often also pleasant environment), in quite a few cases normal people either straightly confide or, at least, display themselves more intimately.

Problem is that agents and mainly Hellish people often manage to evoke such a big trust in normal people, that they guard their secrets before them less carefully, than before the other people.

It is really difficult to be preparing some important project and at the same time to ensure that you would not be known as its creator. It means: no related data in your PC or notebook leaved by you at home when you walked away; no medias with backup in the cabinet at your home. And this even in the case when some member of your family is always at home to guard it.

No one is allowed to know what you are working on. It means no bought or borrowed books or magazines about what you are interested most of all. You won't talk about it with anyone, neither with the members of your family or the best friends. Not once in your entire life time.

When you see the subject of your biggest interest on some poster, Wall...; when a magazine will lie around, in which is written about it, or when someone mentions it in front of you, never display any special interest! Nobody is allowed to notice, that you are most interested just about it.

If you are working on something interesting, no one is allowed to know about it. For example, it was known about me, what I am doing, everywhere there was my signature. But if I lived the life of a man who would never display any relationship to spiritual matters and I wrote the book about Supergod fully anonymously (I would confide in no one, nobody would see its text with me and I would distribute it skilfully & anonymously), how could those curious ones (Hellish people & secret services) know, that it was just me who has written it? People would get to know about Supergod and I would live in peace :-)

Perhaps you won't believe it to me, but as soon as it deals with the work of more people than one, especially a team work, there is a 99 - 100% probability (= more or less a certainty), that a secret confident (or more of them) will be in it.

I also could not believe, that the same person that was displaying interest about spiritual things, having many papers covered in writing by the pen with various spiritual thoughts, could be there for years to be gaining a more intimate information about me.

Or that a person who I have known since I was a boy, who was displaying a good attitude toward animals and was breeding the same type of dogs like we did, could give away some private information she was confided in by me and that she had a Hellish humanoid soul inside of her.

The both people seemed to be okay, the relationship had lasted years in case of the first one and tens of years in case of the second one, and I had no idea who these two people really were.

On the outside, at first look they seemed to be normal in everything. But in the end, when I was poisoned partly, inside of them they had agreed. And to my surprise the first one had suddenly said a strange sentence, in which he indicated it to me.

The lesson, which you should leave this article with, unforgettably recorded to your memory, is that when doing anything really good, big and important, what must not be known to others until it is finished, you can trust no one. Not in the least. Also do not forget that bugs and hidden cameras can be everywhere (in parked cars, on the roof of houses, in your personal things, on the trees in the forests etc.). And they often are.

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