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Quotes Of The Modern Day - Part 1
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Quotes Of the Modern Day  -  Part 1

Dear Friends, I am so delighted to say that such an immense and noted progress has been made judging from the feedback that I received over the months. Firstly, I would like to thank you sincerely for finding the time to interact with me through social networking. I am grateful for this and regard you as my friends for life.

The purpose of these articles is to summarise the Quotes that I write each day so that could you print them off and refer to them in situations that you maybe placed in. Different situations calls for different strategies and therefore by having a cluster of Quotes up your sleeve a joyous result can be achieved.

Lets be honest, can you recall with clarity what happened yesterday? Yesterday, ideally was a day that you set upon to exercise your duties bountiful and unselfishly. However due to the strange circumstances that you might have placed in such as common experiences with another human beings your day changes and the results leave you often estranged.

The purpose of my daily Quotes is to inspire you to combat situations in life that alters your day, changing it into something that you did not expect:

  • 'To be refined is to be confined to your unselfish goals. Every goal is unique to an individual but common to all.'
  • 'All human beings exist in two domains. The 1st domain is Spirituality and the 2nd domain is Human Responsibility.'
  • 'To accrue the full 100 points needs not just your belief but a relief from the sadistic desire for material wealth.'
  • ‘Fear not, hear otherwise, clear all cobwebs, rear good thoughts, bear the burden, get into gear and leer not Dear Friends!'
  • 'From the Twilight of dawn there beckons a call to ALL, a faint diffusion of light speaks to us in awe and wonder.’
  • 'I am your friend for life but my friendship with you is just a stepping stone to your personal success. What comes next is effort.'
  • ‘To exist is to persist in what you do and to resist the temptations that come your way’.
  • ‘To be Human is to exercise humanly roles that is written in text, pictures, signs, revelations, visions and common-sense.’
  • ‘To think in a logical and rational manner is the special entity of a human being, ordained since the beginning of Time.’
  • ‘All goals that manifest from thought should be unselfish and acted upon with reason, logic and understanding’

This concludes Part 1 of this series, but does it stop here. Everyday in life here are complications riddled in a matrix of human GREED. Defining these problems is an art in itself. Sometimes we learn from experiences and sometimes we gain from experiences. You need to apply these Quotes to situations that vex you daily and use it critically in situations that really matters.

With love and endearing friendship, I wish you well in all that you do. Please do not read these articles to inspire enlightenment but use it strategically to improve your life on planet Earth.

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