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Quotes Of The Modern Day - Part 2
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Quotes Of the Modern Day  -  Part 2

Dear Friends, you are here right at this page because curiosity killed the cat. We are often curious but not entirely satisfied. We need to come back and search for answers. Have you been in the mill of activity just with a bag of inconclusive answers? Science is not really the forum of conclusive answers but merely the spanner of of intrigue and the spoke of retreat.

By this I mean we confer, we investigate, we gather and then we infer. If the parameters are correct and the result is satisfactory then we need stick to it. We then say that the world i not 6,000 years old, we construct how dinosaurs look and we discard the by products into any hole that hides them.

Seeking answers from inner perspicacity is different. We know it is truthful and we gain near-sight into how, why, when and if. Inner perspicacity fulfils our needs and supplies our feeds. It promotes unison amongst ALL and essentially boils down to common sense. Science on the other hand is the Faculty of Inquisition. The following Quotes are an appendix really to the previous article and exhibit more conclusive answers to self awareness rather than Science that places emphasis on inference.

They do not require scientific verification and mystical cognitions. They are written in a simplistic way to awaken you from the shadow of doubt and into the living premise of knowledge.

  • ‘Time is the vital and finite ingredient of your presence on Earth. Each second should be consumed in a humanly manner.’
  • ’You should start your day with a prayer and end it with absolute gratitude. Time and Money is a management process.’
  • ‘Your destiny is not written in advance by someone else but written instead by yourself. This formulates your script of intent of which you act upon. When you do well you shall reap the benefits of your sole efforts. When you do poorly you slumber into the discomfort zone of stress, agony and suffering.’
  • 'Anything planned well in advance yields better results than a chance, gamble, prediction, forecast or assumption.'
  • ‘Haste leads to waste. It’s not a race, you need to pace your space with constant grace. Use your time well and tell your tale to others so that they may take heed or maybe they are in need,
  • 'A good deed a day does keep the evildoer away. It makes you say without pay, have a great day.'
  • ‘Build up a legacy of good and noted deeds each day and watch how the Sun will shine upon you and how the wind will blow away from you.'
  • ‘Love can be clandestine not because it is furtive but because it is romantic, personal and consoling.’

Thank you for reading this article and remember place reliance on yourself rather than Man. Man stands in front of you assessing your capabilities and your weaknesses and then looks for ways of abusing you. Always remember that Science is the Faculty of Inquisition and not the office of conclusive answers. Conclusive answers comes from within you and radiant outwards into a more stable world of bountiful activities.

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