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Resolutions, Goal Setting, Is It Really So Hard To Stick? A New Way Of Setting Goals For Mumpreneurs
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Resolutions, Goal Setting, Is it Really so Hard to Stick? A New Way Of Setting Goals for Mumpreneurs

How many resolutions or goals have you made at the beginning of the year and a few weeks in they have fallen over? I often hear myself to be much better, do more and do not give up.

Does goal setting ever really work or does it focus on the negativity or guilt of our shortcomings and is our weak attempt at creating milestones we tell ourselves to do better with?

Yet I researched goal setting to find it is a powerful tool that can simplify day-to-day life.

When you establish workable goals that you know lead to your dream goal, you can decide your course of action confidently, knowing you are always going in the best direction.

When I hear of successful individuals who have accomplished amazing feats in life; such as founding worldwide organizations or sailing solo around the world or working with disabilities to achieve winning gold medals it is apparent they pursue these with such exhilaration and focus the concept of not achieving is not an option. Their quest for excellence is not about the mechanics of setting their goals but about the emotions of hitting milestones with meaning that speak from the heart, mind and soul.

SMART moves to SING

Now this is something I can easily promote!

Goals that vocalize your emotions and interests, your desires and passions and that become bold and meaningful.

S is for Specific

Specify what you wish to do and when you want to do it.

I is for Inspirational

Ensure your objectives reflect your deepest desires, so when the going gets slow and tough revisit that dream and vision to give you the inspiration and motivation to keep striving forward. Break your inspirational goal into smaller motivational steps and focus on these.

N is for negotiable

Real life is not ordered or step-by-step. We all know life is ever changing, erratic and difficult.

Keep your goals structured by fluid so you can react easily with the unexpected and adapt with a sense of flexibility whist staying on course with your goals.

G is for gutsy

With goals setting and achieving your big dream you need to push beyond your comfort zone. Self-doubt is one of the biggest STOP signs in people’s ability to achieve success. Do not allow uncertainties to creep in and threaten your confidence. Belief is yourself is one of the biggest assets you have to reach your goals. Take the positive little actions with daring and resolve!

3 Goals you can implement this year to SING and improve your success.

• Invest time in self-development and self-growth activities such as a leadership and personal development self-study course and attending a seminar this year. This will help you to achieve focus on achieving your other goals.

• Give back to your community be it to a charity, your school or your local sporting organization.

• Schedule a date-day with your family once a month and your partner once a month.

Now add another 3 objectives that will make you SING this year?

Think about your health, Career, Relationships, Parenting, Finances and Interests.

Keep a journal and enter your progress daily or every few days and see how you progress throughout the year.

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