The River Of Life
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The River Of Life

We are born, and as we are born we become the source point of a stream that was designed to at first trickle, then grow, mature and evolve so as to one day enter into and join a bigger river and that river flowed until we reached another bigger river. One smaller river became a bigger river and then another bigger river and another, and another. As we flowed we learnt all about how to love, live and survive. We met many other smaller streams on the way; some we stayed with and alongside and others just vanished and meandered off into other directions to never be seen again. Then we heard it that indistinguishable sound of that big roaring main river, the river of life. We joined it and suddenly we were being swept along at a roaring rate! Many millions of streams inter twined and fighting each other to stay on course.

There had to be a goal. Surely?

But some, and more than I would like to have around me, some streams just did not know where they were going to or where they were going to end up. Neither did they care.

"Where are you going to?" I would ask as we wished along.

"Don't know just going with the flow.,” one would say.

"Don't really care man." many would utter as they whizzed ahead to crash into the rocks and break into many different kinds of parts.

"Do not mind them. They are not being themselves." was the answer I got. Wow this river was suddenly moving faster and I could hardly hear myself think. The chatter of the other droplets was drowning out the other sounds around me.

"It is all in the flow. Plot the flow and you will know where to go." That piece of advice came from a section of the river where the streams were keeping to the edge and checking off at each bend, stopping and getting together to discuss the next stage of their progress.

"You got to plan man.,” they all cooed as they chopped along singing a song for success.

"I am the stream and I have a dream" The song was so nice that I decide to join them. They seemed to know where they were going at least. After all it seemed quieter and safer than being out there where streams were swallowing each other up.

"Where do you want to end up?" the older more mature voice beckoned me from some shallows.

" I want to end up in a good place." I replied.

"Name the place. Name the date you want to get there by, and make sure you make a note of each little step that you will need to take before you get there." and he was gone before I could ask another question.

I looked behind me and saw a page floating towards me. It said.

" We are heading to the ocean where we will all be absorbed into one big group of droplets. It is the journey there that is the fun. Some will make it and some will not. Along the river of life will be goals that you need to obtain. These are the milestones along the way. Each time you reach one you are closer to the next goal. You can share the information with as many droplets as you can. Make a note of all the dangers along the way. This is the river of life. Take it one step at a time and beware of those that wish to drag you under or swallow you up along the way.

Stay true to your course and take advise from those that travel along the edges and take the baby steps that are needed tasty safe.

We wish you a very happy and successful journey in your river of life."

Now I could hear the roar still far ahead and it sounded so good. I found that all the droplets that had made it this far were more joyful and playful. More interested in life and more willing to overcome the barriers that lay ahead. Cautious but also brave.

"Come on do not lag behind " the voice whizzed past me. "If you keep staying in the shallows it might be safer but out here you can have more fun! You will never get there if you do not let yourself go." In that instant I give in to my inner fears and let myself out into the main stream of the river.

"Do not fear anything. Enjoy the ride and have fun. It is an experience. Learn from it" I felt the words shudder inside of me as I hit the rocks and was thrown way into the air only to land on my head and roll and roll and roll. Hell it hurt but it was surprisingly a pain that I found I could endure. Some droplets laughed as they rushed for a very sharp curve and hot some hard pointed rocks. "No pain. No gain." they all screamed in unison.

The roar was becoming increasingly louder and louder. I could hear it now. The fear had subsided. I had reached my goal. I had conquered my fears and had taken the journey step by step. Along the way I had done my risk assessments and had taken the advice of the winners and the happiest of the other droplets. I had been both careful and brave. You could safely say that I had negotiated the river of life.

When I reached the ocean I heard another voice.

"Well done my friend. We have made the journey and reached our first milestone. The open sea."

"The first milestone, but I I er ..." I was lost for words. Hadn't I just reached my goal? The final outcome?” The journey never ends my friend. It just becomes the beginning of yet another journey. Life is a series of rivers. Some long and some wide. Some raging and some calm. It depends on the way that you see them."

I felt the salt in my mouth and found myself being swept along with trillions of other droplets out towards the largest expanse of a river that I had ever seen.

"It's not a river silly. It is an ocean," I was dutifully informed. Where was this ocean going to take me? Where is the end of my journey? Is this what I get for travelling down the river of life?

I steeled myself and joined the westward current. It seemed a much easier way to travel.

After all who was I to argue?

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