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Time Travellers Of The Future Part 1
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Time Travellers Of the Future Part 1

Dear Friends, may I firstly thank you for all your support in making Universally Friendly a growing force that harbours three important human values and they are to CARE, to SHARE and to remain FAIR. To care for each other as common humane beings is by far the greatest achievement of any living individual.

To share a piece of your attribution in an unselfish contribution is an immense deed across any boundaries that we see in the modern world today. To be fair is by far the most sensible approach to any situation that needs litigation, mitigation and proper regulation.

I would also like to thank you for finding the time in your busy schedule to manoeuvre your cursor in the four corners of your Computer Screen to search for this article and to read its contents. For this I am unduly indebted. Your mission I am sure is to establish the purpose of your existence in a way that is fair and makes more common-sense. It would be fair to state that in your plight you would seek good health, ample wealth and a pot of Happiness that is fitting for you.

My mission is to deliver these to you. My plight is to gather the strategies, the mechanisms, the instructions and the wisdom for you to decipher and then to take action. Every Individual has the right to live equally but more importantly the equal right to longevity. Today's article is part of the process to help you there by designating you - Time Travellers of the Future.

It is not the future that we are really interested at the moment but rather the past and as we journey on our Time machine we will travel through the ages and ask the relevant Questions Why? Where? When, How? and If? Before we launch our craft we need to get ready, virtual astronauts you maybe but preparatory plans are essential.

As a virtual astronaut you need to perform a Vehicle Condition Report on yourself for on this virtual tour your body is your craft and your mind is the astronaut. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls don't be afraid for I am here right by your side at mission control London. Don't overeat but then don't under eat. Complete all chores for the day so that your mind is rid of all daily duties and activities. Switch off your mobile and turn on the answering service on your phone. Excuse yourself and make your way to your perfect recluse that brings that special peace and tranquillity that you are accustomed to.

How do you perform a Vehicle Inspection Report or VCR on yourself? To perform a VCR is to clear your bowels and your bladder and avoid drinking too much of liquids that may interrupt your virtual journey. It helps to have a bath and freshen up. You are talking to a CVA that has travelled beyond the frontiers of space and back. CVA stands for Certified Virtual Astronaut. You need to complete ALL your chores for the day, in other words with reference to your Destinations Diary you must ensure that all duties for the day must be executed in full. This clears your mind knowing that you are not suddenly going to drift into something that troubles you.

Now that you are ready seated in your comfortable position you need to reach a level mental state and to do this breathe in gently and exhale loudly. As you breathe take in with you using mental words such 'I am inhaling goodness into my body'. As you exhale remove all negative thoughts such as 'I am exhaling all unwanted thoughts and distractions from my body'.

Gently close your eyes and as you close your eyes you are ready to take off onto a ride that will bring you to a state of exaltation. Today's journey into the past is a simple one for we shall go back just 24 hours. We will travel back in time just for a period of 24 hours and as we do we will visually reflect on exactly what we did 24 hours ago and follow our journey along a road that is a road that we created. Do you see yourself and do you see your contribution to the living world in the last 24 hours.

Your mind is like a digital box, you can rewind, forward or pause your virtual tour at anytime. Try to look for your pluses and also look for the minuses. A meritocratic Individual of which you are or aiming to become, always aims for pluses in his or her life. There is no compromise. When you have completed your 24 hour journey I want you to evaluate your performance. Rate yourself on a scale of 0 - 10. A meritocratic Individual always aims for 10. To be completed in Part 2.

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