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What Makes A Winner
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What Makes A Winner

What makes a person a winner are certain choices that an individual makes which are different to the opposition or competitor they are up against. Colin Turner once said every human being wants success, yet they believe that whatever they undertake, will NOT turn out how they want it to. See? This is what most of us do we simply discard our own efforts before we even start, as soon as we face a small challenge we pamper ourselves by how we knew that things were never going to go according to our plan anyway. And we go back to our comfort and live according to outside conditions.

Nobody likes to be on a losing side whether it's a competition or a simple game. Other people would rather quit then to face defeat staring them in the face. In this article you I will state just a few differences in the mentality of a winner and a kind of person who is a looser.

This is what winners do and losers don't

1. Being relentless

To become a winner you need to become relentless. People who always come up on top prepare themselves for any kind of warfare they will be exposed to at their field. You need to prepare yourself mentally for any kind of challenge and have that conviction that no matter how tough it gets you will not give up.

2. Maintain focus

Maintaining focus would be one of the most important things you need to do in order to keep yourself on track on how much further you are from achieving your goal. While people who are not winners often loose a lot of track on their initial goals which results them into moving in many places and end up not getting any results due to exposure in many things at the same time.

3. Have a plan

For any car to reach a destination it needs a map for direction to get to that destination. The biggest mistake some people make is to talk all their big dreams but they miss out the most important thing which is the ''how'' to get to their dream. When you have a plan it takes your dream from being just a dream and it takes it to being a goal. The people who stop being persuasive towards their dreams are those who often neglect to plan their way to getting to their dreams. They rely on luck or fate hoping that they achieve their dreams someday. This is the formula how it works thought + planning = results

4. Persist

For any one to succeed in anything it does not happen instantly or happen by luck. Anything worth achieving takes some time to work and sometimes it may shake up your nerves a little. To persist you need to be inspired and motivated about where you are going. Your inspiration and your motivation would go hand in hand. Inspiration is for you to maintain your goals for the long term and your motivation would help you go through everyday with a positive frame of mind.

Winning is good but it takes sometime and dedication to get there. You were born to be a winner live up to that!!!!

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