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Discover The Azores Through Publibooking
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Discover the Azores Through Publibooking

Experience the Azores!

Have you ever even heard about the Azores. - Don't be upset if you haven't, you are not the only one. Even National Geographic excluded the islands on one of their latest world maps...!

The Azores is the unknown archipelago, situated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Portugal and New York. Normally, if you open a map book where you see the european and american continente, the islands end up right in the binding of the book.

There are totally 9 islands, all unique and different from one another. The main island is called Sao Miguel.

We call the islands the diamonds of the Atlantic ocean. They are still untouched, and the people still live in a friendly environment without stress. For me it is quality of life I could not have anywhere else.

The Azores is paradise for anyone that likes nature. I assure you, that you will be embraced with a nature so beautiful that it is difficult to handle. 

In the summer along the roads, the hortencias, the fuccia pink roses, and the blue agapantus mix and create tunnels of flowers. It is impossible not to be moved by the beauty of nature. The islands are authentic botanical gardens. Basically everything grows there due to the sub-tropical climate.

The Azores are also volcanic islands. This brings the benefit of the hot springs and geysers. We have natural hot swimming pools, natural hot springs in the ocean and hot springs where we cook. I know, it is unreal! Especially for us that come from the "real" world.

Since the islands are not so developed out of "tourism aspects", you must take advantage of them. Otherwise you will never get to know them!

If you are a golfer, you will have the opportunity of experiencing golf on a different level. Not only because of the courses, but because you will basically be alone! Most of the time it is even possible to pull out a blanket and have lunch in the middle of the fairway, enjoying the amazing landscape. For me, this is quality!

At the moment we have 3 golf courses. Two you find two on Sao Miguel, the main island, and one you find on the neighbour island, Terceira.

Batalha Golf Course situated on the north side of Sao Miguel, 10 minutes by car, from the capital Ponta Delgada.

The Azores Golf Islands goal is to promote the Azores as a Golf Destination. The Azorean government is continuing to invest, for them to become recoginsed, and to be able to make it one of the main attractions for tourists.

Verde Golf is now also planning on building a 18 holes course in Faial.

Faial is an island located in the central group.

The course will have a fantastic panorama view around Horta, Pico Island and the Atlantic Ocean. A part from playing golf in Faial, you will have the benefit of going island hopping. The 5 islands that belong to the central group, are quite close to one another, and if you go in the summer you can get on a ferry, and basically visit them all!

Verde Golf has also bought another fantastic spot of land on Pico Island, where an additional 18 hole golf course is planned. Pico is located right in front of Faial It will have a totally different look, due to its location, which is in the centre of an old lava stream. Just close your eyes and imagine the contrast between the black lava stone, the green of the course and surrounding grape vines. I am sure it will be absolutely amazing!

The local Government final plans is building a golf course on Sta Maria Island as well. Sta Maria is the second smallest island, and the closest one from Sao Miguel. When the weather is clear, we can even see it in the horizon. Sta Maria is very different from the other islands due to it's sedimentary earth. I believe this could become a very unique and beautiful golf course.

Batalha Golf Course in Sao Miguel, was designed by C Powell in the mid 80's, and offers 18+9 holes of golf, spread over an area of 120 hectares. The views are blinding with it's mountains in the background, the ocean all around you, and the green fairways that naturally blenders with the incredible landscape. Batalha Golf Course opened officially in 1993 and its club-house is perfect for big events, as well as for barbecue lunches and A la Carte for the golfers. Let me just recommend the "Bifana" while I am at it! It is delicious!

Furnas Golf Course is a spectacular golf course located in a volcanic landscape with rich sub tropical vegetation. It is a course always very appreaciated during the summer months. Due to it's location, the temperature tends to stay around 23 º C. The first nine holes of the course were designed by MacKenzie Ross in the 30's. This was the first golf course on the island. The natural beauty of the landscape brings the golf to a different level. This is more than just golf. It is a joy for body and soul.

In 1992, Verde Golf added another 9 holes to Furnas Golf Course. It was designed by the golf  architects B. Cameron and C. Powell. The course now has 18 wonderful golf holes and a cozy British style clubhouse.

Publibooking is here to facilitate the planning of your Azores visit!

Through us you find everything from Charm Hotels, Business Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Rent a Cars, Travel Agents, Shopping and Hand Crafts, Health and Beauty treats, Bars, Night Life etc.

We will help you experience the secret corners of our islands. Where you should go and dine, and What the specialities are of the house.

Now, last but not least, the Azores also has its fantastic ocean. Sometimes it gets very dramatic, other days the ocean surrounds us like a mirror, absolutely flat. These are the days when you should go out on a Dolphin & Whale Safari.

Our local companies are experienced and offer a fantastic service. In Ponta Delgada you find various companies; Futurismo, Picos de Aventura, and in Vila Franca do Campo you have Sweet Sea.

The ocean is full of Whales and Dolphins! It is not unusual to see 20 whales in one day, and hundreds of dolphins. Due to the golf stream that flows between the islands, the water remains a very pleasant temperature all year round. The warm water is also the reason for our fish rich waters.

They all respect the ocean and the animals, which for me is very important. It is not a tourist trap! I get the question all the time, and I normally answer that we are not that developed yet to have tourist traps... :)

I travelled for the first time to the Azores in 1984. It became my home, and I don't believe I will ever leave.  

Any time of year is amazing, but if you want to "play it safe" I suggest you go from July - November. It is when the islands are with more flowers, when the temprature is above 22 º C and when the whales and dolphins play in our ocean

Publibooking - The perfect guide that will help you to get to know the Azores, and it's secret corners.

An experience you will never forget..



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