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Average Golf Swing Speed
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Couched as an innocent question the number of people asking about average golf swing speeds are probably looking to find that their own swings are in fact above average.

It's a golfers thing that we all want to hit the ball further than the next player. There is something immensely satisfying about out driving your opponent or hitting a wedge when they are using an 8 iron.

Why is this?

I have no idea. I also don't understand why we concern ourselves with "out hitting" the opposition. I don't understand why but am guilty of it myself.

I guess you really want confirmation that your golf swing speed is above average.

Let me help with some numbers - but please bear in mind that these numbers are across the board and will differ from person to person and has very little to do with your scoring ability.

The average golf swing speed for amateurs is between 80 and 95 miles per hour. Note this is miles per hour and not kilometers per hour.

The average golf swing speed for professionals is between 115 and 132 miles per hour.

Long driving champions are quicker still with their average golf swing speed being between about 135 to 145 miles per hour.

Golf swing speeds are only one part of the equation that makes up the total distance the ball travels. There are a number of things that effect how far the ball will carry and roll.

These variables include:

  • The loft of the club. Long distance exponents use as little 4 degree loft. You and I could be anything between 9 and 12 degrees. The greater the loft the higher the ball will fly.
  • The launch angle. This is the angle of the club-face at point of impact. With driving (unlike your irons) you want to hit the ball on the up to get it in the air.
  • Launch angle, loft and your swing path will dictate the ball spin. Not only the rate of the spin but also whether it is a draw or a fade.
  • Weather conditions. Wind obviously plays a large part but what is less obvious is ambient temperature. On a cold day the ball will not fly as far as it will on a warm day.
  • Altitude. A ball struck at a higher altitude will generally fly further than one at sea level because the air is thicker at sea level. So if you have a friend living in Johannesburg (altitude 1740 meters or 5700 feet) who hits it further than you with a lower club-head speed don't worry about it too much. Just invite him over for a game!
  • The ball you are using. There are so many different balls available today and all are different with different flight characteristics. Knowing your own average golf swing speed will help you choose the right ball for your game.
  • And finally roll. The spin (see above) soft fairways, long grass and uphill slopes will all limit the amount of roll you get once the ball has landed.

Regardless of what your average golf swing speed is you need to make the most of your abilities. That is assuming I was right in saying you really want to get the most distance out of your shots no matter what your buddies are doing.

This means having a swing that maximizes your personal attributes getting the correct sequence in the swing to generate club-head speed.

This is not a matter of lashing at the ball with your arms and with all your might.

You need to understand that timing and tempo will produce much more consistent, accurate and longer drives, not wild swinging.

There are a number of golf swing aids available on the market, some are good some are hopeless.

As a golf coach I have found that people lead busy lives and don't have time to go to gym or the driving range each day. Lessons are soon forgotten and bad old habits soon resurface. That is why I highly recommend something like the Powerchute Golf Swing trainer which is light, simple to use and takes only 5 - 10 minutes a day to improve your average golf swing speed.

Endorsed by none other than Jack Nicklaus the Powerchute is an aid that golfers of all levels will benefit from.

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