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Beginning Golf - Dos And Donts
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If you are just beginning golf, congratulations! Golf is an activity that you can enjoy for years to come. Everyone from the very young to the very old can enjoy the game. You can can find golf courses in most every community, even world wide.

Golf helps keep you active. A round of golf requires several miles of walking -- or less if you choose to ride in a cart. It exercises a variety of different muscle groups in your body. Golf is fun, especially after you learn the basics. Golf courses offer scenic landscapes for your enjoyment as you play. Of course, if you hit into the woods and spend time looking for balls -- that's not fun. golf offers the opportunity for camaraderie with other golfers, friends, family members and business associates.

If you are beginning golf, here are some do's and don'ts (for right-handed golfers) to help get you started:

Do - Stretching and warm up exercises. When you arrive at the practice range or the golf course before tee off time, be sure to do stretching exercises. Golf injuries can result when a golfer with tight muscles winds up to swing a hard drive. Tip - Don't try to wind up and hit a hard drive.

Do - Spend time at the practice range. Get a bucket of balls and practice. Begin with the short irons first -- the 7, 8 and 9 iron. Find a slow swing tempo and get in the groove.

Do - Use the overlapping golf grip. Good golf instruction resources are available to show you exactly how to grip the club, The overlapping grip, with the little finger of the right hand overlapping the forefinger and index finger of the left hand. Tip - Don't grip the club too tightly.

Do - Keep your left arm straight but not stiff -- hinge at your wrists not your elbows. Watch the pros in action. Arms straight, hinge at the wrist provides the best control of your downswing and generates clubhead speed.

Do - Lead your downswing with your hips. Your hips should bring your core and shoulders through the downswing/ The result should be a smooth but not hard swing with plenty of clubhead speed.

Do - Keep your head steady. Think of your head as the center of your swing. Don't bob or dip your head.

Don't - Use a baseball swing. Beginning golf players who also play baseball sometime lift up their left foot and take a step into the swing. That won't work in golf. When you begin your golf swing your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. At the top of your backswing your weight has shifted mostly to your right foot. During downswing, your weight shifts most to the left foot as you push off with your right foot. At the end of your swing you should be facing the target.

Don't - Try to kill the ball. Swing with a smooth, even slowish tempo. You'll be more accurate and you'll generate plenty of clubhead speed. You many not be a power hitter, but you'll be more satisfied with your golf shots.

Don't - Injure yourself. To help prevent injuries, do golf stretching exercises a couple times a week.

Do - Get some good golf instruction. A golf swing doesn't come naturally to most people. Take lessons from your local pro. Or use the excellent golf instruction resources that are now available over the Internet. One excellent set of golf instructional resources has been prepared by a team of expert golf instructions to help you fix your golf swing for every part of your game.

Beginning golf can put a new pleasure in your life. Best wishes.

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