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Beginning Golf - How To Learn A Good Smooth Golf Swing
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If you are just beginning golf for the first time, you are not alone. Golf is a sport you can learn at any age and play for the rest of your life. There are many reasons why golf has become so popular. It can be played at private golf clubs or municipal- and privately-owned courses. You can play golf at expensive courses or not-so-expensive courses.

Golfers often look forward to the camaraderie and sociability of golf. Others play golf just for the fun of it. Golf landscapes can be very scenic. Golf keeps many people active -- you can walk four to six miles in a 72-round of golf.

Golf should be fun

You don't have to buy brand new clubs. You can buy used clubs at pro shops and over the internet. If you are average in height you shouldn't have any trouble finding clubs that fit.

The most important advice I can offer is to learn what makes a good smooth golf swing and then practice! Once you swing the club and see your ball taking flight on a nice trajectory toward the hole, you'll feel good about golf. Good golf shots make the game of golf fun.

How to learn a good smooth golf swing

Take lessons from your local golf professional. Or take advantage of excellent golf instructional resources available to you online. One particularly good set of resources was designed by Bobby Ethridge, a golf instructor who has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf swing.

Bobby believes that leaning golf should be fun. Once you understand the essential ingredients of a good golf swing, start playing and enjoy! Four essential ingredients for a good swing, according to Ethridge, are G.A.S.P. That's easy to remember (gasp!). Here they are:

  • Grip makes all the difference. Your hands connect you to your golf club and provide guidance during your swing. Players use different golf grips, but I prefer the overlapping golf grip. Clasp the club's grip with your left hand with a relaxed but firm hold. The outside of your left hand should face the target. Now place your right hand on the club with the little finger of your right hand placed over the gap between your left forefinger and index finger. The outside of the right hand should face away from the target.
  • Aim at the target. Aim is critical. If you hit a great shot but aim it in the wrong direction, you many be looking for your ball in the rough. Carefully note the target line for your shot and make sure the clubface at rest is square to that line.
  • Stance is the foundation for your swing. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart with the weight distributed on both feet. Make sure your stance is aligned with your swing path.
  • Posture for the perfect swing. Flex your knees a bit and keep your back straight, Let your arms hang down vertically in a natural relaxed fashion and grip the club.

Beginning golf the right way calls for G.A.S.P. Start with these four essentials and slow your swing tempo for a good smooth golf swing.

Bobby Ethridge and his team of professional instructors have prepared an excellent set of golf instruction resources for golfer at all levels -- from beginners to advanced golfers. You can become a better golfer faster when you learn from the pros how to fix your golf swing.

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