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Garbage On Your Golf Course
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Garbage on Your Golf Course

Like to get out and play a game of golf with your friends, get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Then you see it and can’t believe it is where it is, garbage on your golf course.

If you really liked to spend time in the outdoors, you must like to spend time in a garbage dump also. Maybe that reflects the way these folks keep their house maybe they’re hoarders, not sure why people do what they do.

I always thought if you could bring it with you, full of something you can take it back empty or at least wait until you can throw it away in the proper place.

That does not mean the bushes on the third hole, along with all the other crap. The nerve of other people’s children, do they think they have the right to throw their garbage anywhere.

I have seen pop cans and beer cans shoved in the hole instead of the flag. Maybe not often, I admit but twice, I have seen this and I just can’t imagine the kind of rude people that think this is funny.

The same as gouging the green on purpose and then try to put in back, as others watch on, as you did not mean it. What is with people, does no one think that they should take responsibility for their actions on the golf course or anywhere else.

I have been literally near fist a cups with some people over this; if I see it, I have to say something. Most will pick it up when they know they have been caught doing it. Others get offensive and downright mean the nice people in the world.

Again I say why on earth do these people think they can just throw their crap any where they like, what makes them so special.

You may think where does that guy golf, must be a dump. Not so, this is not an everyday or every time on the golf course event and not every course, I go.

It has happened too many times though, not so much in the open but in the bushes, trees and forested areas and the water traps, just love to see water bottles floating in the ponds. Look next time you are on the golf course and near the rough and see what kind of garbage is on your course.

If you see them try to stop them, and damn don’t do it yourself, if you can take it in you can take it out. You will always see a garbage can somewhere and if not just wait until the end of your game and do the right thing, not the wrong thing.

Do not leave garbage on your golf course.

Improve yourself and your golf game will follow right behind. Need to rant about your experiences leave us a comment and let us all know your concerns.

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