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Golf Ball That's Right For You
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Golf Ball That\'s Right for You

If you watch all of the TV ads every golf ball manufacturer makes the best golf ball for you. You will hit it farther and straighter than you ever have and your slice or hook will magically disappear. So you go out to buy them and they are over $40 a dozen. But hey you only loose six balls per round and find four balls (all $12 per dozen balls) so why not buy what the pros use?

Because what the pros use usually has nothing to do with your game. Not all golf balls are created equally. So let’s look at the differences between balls and how it can affect your game. Keep in mind that all golf ball manufacturers make a variety of balls for a variety of golfers.

Two-piece balls are usually for slower swing speeds. They are made with a softer inner core that will give you longer distance with a 75 MPH swing speed than a three or four piece ball. The outer cover is designed to be durable and to give you low spin rates. A low spin rate helps keep the ball from slicing or hooking and will allow for a longer roll-out with a driver or fairway wood. Another great feature of the two piece ball is that the cost is usually under $20 per dozen.

A three- piece ball is usually for swing speeds of 85-95 MPH. The inner core of these balls is usually soft to give you the best possible distance from an average armature swing speed. The middle layer usually helps keep spin rates down on drives while helping spin rates on wedge and short iron shots. Most three-piece balls will give you long ball flight on your drives but you will notice that when hitting short iron shots they don’t roll out very much. This is because they have a higher spin rate than two-piece balls.Some of these balls have a very soft outer layer that can cause them to scuff easily.Prices are usually $21-35 per dozen.

A four-piece ball is usually for swing speeds of over 110MPH and low handicap golfers. These golf balls can create a low spin rate coming off of a driver and a very high spin rate coming off of a wedge.They usually have a higher compression core that gives longer distance to higher swing speeds. Most of these balls make it easier to hit a draw or a fade and are made to be able to stop or back up on a green. Four piece balls price range starts at $40 a dozen and up depending on where you buy them.

There are golf ball manufacturers that have a program to fit the right ball to your swing speed and launch angle etc. As a disabled golfer, I suggest you take advantage of any free ball fitting program you find out there (Bridgestone is one). Then play with the ball you are fitted to for a round. Also try a competitors ball for a round.You may go through 3 or 4 different ball brands to find your perfect fit. I went through this process two years ago and was surprised at the ball I ended up playing.

Just as you need golf clubs that fit your swing you need a golf ball fitted to your swing. After I went through this process I was hitting the ball straighter and hitting more fairways. My distance on drives increased from 230 yards average to 245 yards average and I lost fewer balls during a round. I encourage you to get more information and start playing the golf ball that best fits your game no matter what your skill level.

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