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Golf: Lower Your Score By 7 To 10 Strokes!
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Lowering Your Golf Score?

Golf can be one of the most frustrating sports. You can try constantly in golf to lower your scores, and see little improvement. This can leave you frustrated, unmotivated, and cause a loss of hope.

I was in the same boat as you, before how I learned how to lower my scores in golf. I am a firm believer in that if one person can do it, any one can do it. So we just have to look at what the successful people are doing what they are doing. We don't have to reinvent the wheel here. Lets use what is already working, and modify it to our needs.

Learning From the Best in Golf to Lower Your Scores

It is no secret how much time the professional golfers spend practicing their golf game. If you look at Tiger Woods practice schedule, it is insane. He puts more time into practicing than most of us put into a 40 hour work week. Not only does he play 36 holes practically every day, he also spends several hours practicing the various aspects of the golf game.

Those include putting, pitching, chipping, bunker shots, half swings, ball flights, spin, and just a whole bunch of other things you wouldn't even think of. They prepare for the craziest possible situations thy can encounter during tournament play.

Now I'm not suggesting you spend that amount time practicing golf. But the one thing we can do is mimic the percentage of time they spend practicing.

How Do The Professionals Practice

The professionals spend most of their time practicing 100 yards and in, about 80%, and the other 20% on the long game. They do this because 80% of your shots come from within the 100 yard markers.

Really think about, how many times have you chunked a chip then skulled it, and then 3 putted it. In that scenario alone you can drop 3 strokes alone. And if that happens 10 times a round, that means you can save 30 strokes a round by learning to practice smart.

So How Should You Practice

The first step is to analyze where you want your golf game to go. Then make realist and attainable goals based of that.

So if I was a 20 handicap and wanted to drop to a 10 handicap. Then I would analyze where my weakest point in my game, which is putting, and focus on learning to putt. After that I would focus on the second weakest spot and keep on working up.

When I say weakest spot I mean the area that you give up the most strokes, therefore, area you can quickly shave strokes from your handicap.

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