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Golf Swing Training: What Is It?
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Golf Swing Training: What Is It?

There should be a new term for golf improvement. I call it golf swing training. This may sound simple, but there are several elements I include in this approach, and they must all be implemented to get maximum results.

When you think of training, what comes to mind to me and most people is weight lifting. I am not referring to this. Strength training has it's place in golf, but specific to your golf swing, not going to a gym and bench pressing, squatting and doing crunches.

The components I refer to is, golf-specific resistance training; swing training with specific aids to fix your faults; drills in your home to ingrain proper swing mechanics, so you can take it to the course.

Golf-Specific Strength Training

When I refer to this, I mean using dumbbells, resistance tubing, and balls to improve the strength of your golf muscles. I also want you to do many of these simple exercises in your golf posture, and breaking down phases of your golf swing with resistance from these devices mentioned above.

So for example, grab a single dumbbell, get in your golf posture, hold the dumbbell out in front of you, similar to holding a club, and rotate it back and through. Picture the 4 foot range of before and after impact. That's the area you'll be rotating through. This simple exercise will strengthen your core muscles to fire faster, resulting in higher clubhead speed and distance.

Golf Swing Training

When I say this term, I mean going to the range and working on your specific swing fault with a training aid that will give you the proper feel of the swing you need to make. You cannot just go to the range and bang balls. You must have a reason and approach.

For example, if you come down steep, you need to work on your downswing plane. It's very difficult to just hit balls and try to improve this. Instead, get a plane trainer device that will guide you down and through the proper plane. If you can hit balls while using it, even better. It will give you instance feedback to if you are doing it correctly or not.

Indoor Golf Training

This is when you can do specific and simple drills in your home to ingrain the correct muscle memory to hit solid golf shots. So maybe you do the "pump" downswing drill in a mirror. Get sideways to the mirror, make downswings, making sure you are on plane. Do it in a consecutive pumping motion 10 or more times. This will ingrain a perfect downswing plane.

So you see golf swing training is an all-inclusive term that most golfers should incorporate into their improvement program. This approach if done correctly will not take up more than 1-2 hours max per week, but will dramatically improve your golf swing.

As you can also see, this approach incorporates the use of golf training aids specific to your swing fault. I'm a firm believer in using such aids, as they will speed up your progress, giving you instant feedback when you're hitting balls at the range.

Street Talk

Hi mike, I recently met the current winner of the South African longest drive championship, he is on the plumper side but a better golf swing I have never seen. I had a high speed camera to take photos at his demonstration and the swing was perfect, I have after all played golf all my life, attained a low 5 handicap, and am now of the age of 61 so I do have a fair idea. When I asked him what training he followed it was literally what you have just expounded. I am now in your tribe and look forward to further articles.

  about 1 decade ago
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