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Golf Tip - EFT
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If you're like me you love to golf. We all want to better our score, however when we make a mistake and slice the ball or wind up in a sand trap, we get frustrated and this sometimes takes away the enjoyment of the game. What's the answer for this? More practice? Sometimes this is the answer, but a lot of times we need to work on our mental attitude. Here's a tip that has worked for me and may help you as well.

Landing in a sand trap, hitting a hazard, any of these problems that we have with our shots are usually the result of mental errors. We want our body to obey our commands but it doesn't always work that way. The best golf tip that I know to deal with the mental aspect of the game has to do with EFT.

EFT which is a short for emotional freedom techniques helps us to overcome the nervousness or tensions that lead to bad shots. Gary Craig the founder of EFT stated that it's based on this principle " the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system. "

How do we then apply this? First of all we would want to identify how frustrated we are on a scale of 1 to 10. For instance, if practically every time we stepped up to the tee box we hooked into the bush we would probably be at a 10 in frustration. Rate how you feel using this scale.

EFT then starts with a set up phrase. It can go something like this-" even though I frequently hit bad shots, I love and accept myself just as I am and of". Here we acknowledge the problem and accept that we have the problem,but it allows us to work through it. We say this set up phrase three times while tapping on the karate point. The karate point is the part of your hand which would strike a board if you are making a karate chop.

The next phase of EFT is to tap on the meridian points of your body while saying the set up phrase. Meridian points are points on your body where nerves run close to the surface. These points in EFT are the top of your head, the top of your eyebrow closest to your nose, the side of your eye, underneath the eye, the center of your lip right underneath your nose, the center of your chin just below your lip, your collar bone about 3 inches on either side of the V below your throat and the side of your ribs parallel to the nipples.

To effectively use EFT you repeat the set up phrase or a shortened form such as in this case" frequently hit bad shots" while tapping on these points.

Now it may look a little hokey if you're doing this on the golf course so the time to practice your EFT is prior to going out. Then while you're waiting for your turn to take your shot you can mentally repeat the phrase while tapping on the karate point.

Tension is usually the thing that causes bad shots so using EFT can help you to relax and when you relax you just naturally perform better.

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