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Golf Training For Increased Swing Power
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If you look at the new breed of professional golfer, they are lean, fit, and athletic specimens that have been involved with golf training for years. Many of them since they were junior golfers. This is a far cry from the golfers of old. No longer will you see the Craig Stadlers winning on Sundays.

These guys are bombing it off the tee. You've got guys like Dustin Johnson hitting 350 yard drives, and having "flip wedges" into greens, so that is what you would call anilating a golf course. If you can't hit it at least 280 on tour, you are going to have a very hard time ever competing against these thoroughbreds. 

With technology, you now also have hi tech training equipment and video analysis, so you can monitor every facet of your golf swing. Sometimes this is not a good thing, as a golfer can over-analyze their swing and become too mechanical. 

The modern golf swing is very athletic, requiring high levels of strength AND flexibility, as these golfers make big shoulder turns in their backswing, with a minimal amount of hip rotation. And coming down, they rotate both their lower and upper body's rapidly, which plays into their fitness training programs.

To hit it long, your core area must be very strong. You must be able to rotate your shoulders well beyond 90 degrees, while keeping your hip rotation approximately half that at 45 degrees. A weak core area would break down, and the swing would faulter. 

Many of the young tour players use aids on the road, to work on specific issues in their golf swings. This is what I call sport-specific training, which the majority of amateur golfers do not do. And this is what separates the good golfers from the weekend hackers.

If you have any desire at all to maximize your driving distance, and shoot lower scores, you need to get on a training program that is specific to the movements in your golf swing. The swing is very unnatural, and the body is put in awkward positions. Couple that with swinging at up to 100 mph, and you've got the potential for serious injury, or at the least, just a weak, slow and powerless golf swing.

They always say model the best, and the best in golf is on tour. What are they all doing? They are working with trainers during the week on their flexibility and strength, so they know very well how important golf training is to their future and success.

And, with all the fancy new golf training aids coming out, they can really "zone in" on their swing faults, and corrrect them quickly.


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