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How To Get Better At Golf By Improving Your Backswing
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How to Get Better at Golf By Improving Your Backswing

If you are ready to learn how to get better at golf, you certainly want to develop a nice swing. One of the first things you need to do is work on improving your backswing.

In large part, your golf swing will only be as good as your backswing. A few golfers manage to develop a swing that is consistent and effective with a bad backswing, but they are the exception rather than the rule. The backswing in golf is a significant aspect of learning to play the game well.

Here are a few suggestions to help make your backswing better. If you can master these three suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to a swing that lets you hit the ball farther and straighter. Your tee shots, fairway woods and irons shots will become more dependable. As a result, you will have a better chance of making more birdies and fewer bogeys.

Tip 1 on How to Get Better at Golf by Improving your Backswing: Begin your backswing slowly.

Many golfers correctly understand that you hit the ball farther by generating a high swing speed. In general, the faster your club is going when it hits the ball, the farther the ball will go.

A good number of those same golfers, however, think that a fast backswing will translate into a fast downswing. Unfortunately, a quick backswing often means a loss of club control. Poor contact between the club and the ball usually negates any advantage you get from high club head speed.

By beginning your backswing slowly, you develop a swing rhythm that allows you to learn how to swing the club faster while maintaining control. It’s almost as if you are storing up your power in the backswing so you can turn it loose on the downswing.

Tip 2 on How to Get Better at Golf by Improving your Backswing: Look at the ball through your entire swing.

One of the most important aspects to an effective golf swing is keeping your head still throughout the process. The easiest way to keep your head from moving is to maintain eye contact with the ball during the whole swing.

When your head remains stable, it becomes the point around which the rest of your body can move smoothly. If your head moves in any direction, it becomes difficult to bring the club into contact with the ball consistently. The backswing in golf can become a thing of beauty if your head stays in its proper position.

Tip 3 on How to Get Better at Golf by Improving your Backswing: End your backswing in a comfortable position.

The backswing should prepare you for your downswing. When you complete your backswing, you should be in the best position possible to begin the movement toward hitting the ball.

Remember how the rhythm of the backswing can help you envision the collection of power for your downswing. The completion of your backswing signals the release of that energy. The more comfortable you are, the more likely that the energy will be released in a comfortable way.

If you’ll follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to improving your golf swing. A consistent golf swing and quality golf equipment can do wonders for your game.

Golfers are checking out 2012 golf club reviews to find out the latest technological advances in golf equipment. Some are discovering reasonably priced golf clubs can improve their games without busting their budgets.

Finding out how to get better at golf does not have to be an arduous journey. Improving your backswing in golf can help you have fun and lower your scores at the same time.

Street Talk

I agree with your ideas but have a hard time implementing them. Great article

  about 1 decade ago

Hi John. I know what you mean. I can write about what to do much easier than I can actually do it.

  about 1 decade ago

I love to do those swings! I hope I can really play golf very soon.

  about 1 decade ago

Give it a try, Cham. Fair warning though — it can be addictive.

  about 1 decade ago

Good article Steve, a couple of weekends ago I was asked to capture on camera the swing of our longest drive champion, I could not believe what I saw when the photos were down loaded to my lap top. talk of a perfect swing with acceleration through the ball unbelievable.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Rob, I don't remember you filming my swing. Oh, you mean another longest drive champion. LOL. I actually used to hit the ball OK. There was once I could hit my three-wood as far as many folks hit their drivers. I was playing with a fellow once and after about three holes, he told me I was really hitting my driver well. Then I told him it was my three-wood. He didn't believe me until I showed it to him. Unfortunately, the swing speed's not what it used to be.

  about 1 decade ago

Mine neither Steve, but some how I still keep trying to get it back.

  about 1 decade ago
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