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How To Improve Your Golf Game In 3 Easy Steps
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How to Improve Your Golf Game In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are a complete beginner or a scratch player, if you follow this simple formula, I guarantee you will improve the way you play golf.


Step 1: Learn the fundamentals of the golf swing or new skills

Step 2: Practice what you learn

Step 3: Play

Step 1: Learn the fundamentals of the golf swing or new skills

If new to golf, the most important thing you can do is learn the basics of the golf swing, which are:

  • grip
  • stance
  • posture and alignment
  • ball position in set up
  • correct take away
  • correct down swing movements.

Get these right and you will be able to build a dependable golf swing and shoot lower scores, which is what every golfer wants.

If you are a more experienced player and have a problem with your golf swing, there is a very good chance you are not implementing golf's basics in the right way - these are the building blocks of your golf swing.

Tricky situations are part of golf. There are obstacles and pitfalls out on the golf course that can catch out any standard of golfer such as trees, water hazards, sand traps etc. You have to learn how to overcome them by playing a variety of shots.

Here are some key shots to learn:

  • chip and run
  • lob shot
  • escape from sand traps
  • pitch it high
  • play it low
  • fade the ball from left to right
  • draw the ball from right to left

There are no short cuts to great golf, so be prepared to spend a lot of time at your local practice range to develop the required skills.

Step 2: Practice what you learn

Practice is something that you do either to improve or maintain a level of skill that you have reached. As you are probably aware, top golfers spend hours every day perfecting their skills. It is therefore unrealistic for the amateur golfer to expect to improve without practice.

How to practice...

As a beginner or intermediate player you should spend more of your time repeating routines and shots until they become second nature. The aim is to be skilled enough to execute each shot instinctively, without too much conscious thought. Over thinking during play will paralyse your game.

The advanced player can take a different approach to practice sessions, practicing more randomly, as if actually playing. This will make practice more interesting and challenging.

Whatever stage you are at, use your imagination and keep your practice sessions fresh and fun.

Use your local golf club or golf range for practice purposes.

Step 3: Play

Yes, just play. You will see the results of your effort and dedication for yourself, as you grow your confidence out on the golf course.

If a beginner, do not be afraid to hit a bad shot, everybody does it. As long as you are keep up with play, you will find other golfers are not interested. Golf is mainly an individual sport, so each player is only concerned about his or her own score on the day.

Learn to accept golf is not always fair; you will end up behind a tree, you will get plugged in a sand trap, you will go out of bounds, you will end up in a divot, you will go in the water etc. As described in the title of Dr. Bob Rotella and Bob Cullen's popular golf book "Golf is not a game of perfect".

Above all else, relax and enjoy your golf!

Homing in on golfing success

Remember, no matter how good you are you can always get better. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you technically good enough?
  • Are you fit enough?
  • Are you mentally strong enough?
  • Is your diet what it should be?

By answering these questions truthfully, I am sure you will find areas for improvement.

Should you go it alone or have golf lessons to improve your game?

If you are completely new to golf and just want to have fun with your friends at your local driving range or pay as you play golf course, you can get started in golf by going it alone.

However, be aware that bad habits can creep into your game easily and golf can become frustrating if you are not improving.

If you are a more experienced player and want to correct an existing swing fault or seriously improve your game, you should consider golf lessons. Having lessons will make learning new skills far easier, improvement faster and increase your enjoyment.

Where should you go for lessons?

Firstly, ask any local golfer for recommendations, as they will usually know the best places to go.

Try searching the internet for golf lessons or golf instruction in your area. For example, search for golf lessons Oxfordshire or golf instruction Atlanta or wherever.

Depending on where you live, you should find plenty of golf clubs and ranges with coaching staff offering lessons. You then just have to pick one.

Before choosing, check out what they have to offer, their facilities, prices and most importantly, the experience of their coaches.

So, to improve your golf this year, indulge yourself in learning new skills, practising hard and playing regularly.

Street Talk

Learn, practice and play. The basics. Didn't somebody famous say this about football? Good article. Thanks for breaking it down to seven types of ways to hit the ball where you want to send the ball this time. Lessons... that's where I'll head... lessons but from local driving range so I can do it slowly over time.

  about 8 years ago
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