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How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball - A Simple Drill
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Ever wondered how those Pros control the ball like it is on the end of a piece of string? They hit the ball past or to either side of the hole and then it miraculously spins to within inches. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn how to put backspin on a golf ball like that?

In this article I am going to give you a simple drill that will help you do that. To get backspin on a golf ball you need to be aware of a few things:

  1. You must have clean grooves on your club. You will not get any backspin if your grooves are clogged with dirt so get into the habit of wiping your clubs after each shot and keeping the grooves free of dirt.
  2. To get backspin on a golf ball you need to have a good lie. You hear players talking about "flyers" coming out of the semi or long rough. What they mean is that there will be grass between the club face and the ball and as with clogged grooves there is no chance of getting any spin.
  3. You need a decent golf ball. Preferably a soft covered ball that suits your swing speed. This is a subject on its own but if you are using a hard ball or a ball that is designed for a particular swing speed which you don't have you will never get the backspin you are looking for. Try different balls or get your pro to check your swing speed and recommend a ball.
  4. You must accelerate through the ball. Even on those short shots you have to be positive as the speed of the club going through the ball makes it climb along the club face and allows the grooves to do the job they are designed for.
  5. And finally practice the following drill which creates lag and gets the ball spinning.


  • With all the above in place address the ball as you normally would.
  • Now press your hands forward to a point beyond your target hip (that's the left hip for the right-handed golfer) keeping the club behind the ball. This is an exaggerated position of where you want your hands when your club strikes the ball.
  • Now turn your shoulders to a half back swing position, keeping the connection between your arms and body the same as you had at address with your hands pressed forward. Remember half a back swing only - you will gradually extend this as you improve.
  • Turn your hips back towards the target - again making sure that your arms keep the same connection and that your hands are well forward of the ball at impact. I find that concentrating on pulling my target (left) elbow down and through the ball is a good swing thought. Do this slowly at first and then start generating some speed.
  • Your hips and your hands should be well clear of the ball when you strike it.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. You will "feel' the difference when you start making the correct contact and it will sound right too.

The idea behind this drill is to create lag - it is the lag that gets the ball to climb up the grooves of the club face because of the descending blow. The result is a lot of backspin.

For best spin control you can use either a draw or a fade.

The draw will have more roll out while the fade will stop quicker. On the short chips shots adopt a fade - out-to-in swing - for maximum backspin.

Try different swing paths to see what works for you but keep those hands forward and make sure to you clear your hips. Trust your swing.

I hope this little drill and these few tips have been a help and that you manage to learn to get backspin on your golf ball. It makes getting up and down so much easier.

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