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How To Swing A Hybrid Golf Club
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I often read golf magazines. One of the more interesting things to me is when they show a popular professional player and give details on what clubs are in their bag when they compete. Just a few years ago, you didn’t see very many hybrid clubs being used by the pros. Maybe it was just ego, I’m not sure, but the pros were proud to carry a 2 iron for example. It was a testament to their skill as a player to be able to hit a 2 iron with consistency.

For the above reason, I used to think hybrid golf clubs were a fad. I figured they would be around for awhile, maybe a few years, and then disappear. Obviously I was completely wrong.

Just recently, I was looking at a golf magazine, once again, in the section reviewing the clubs in a professional player’s bag. The player didn’t even have a 3 iron, much less a 2 iron. The longest iron in his bag was a 4 iron. This says a lot, not only about how the game is changing on the professional level, but how the game should be changing on the amateur level.

Even with the pros adding hybrids to their bags, some amateurs still let their ego get in the way and try to play longer irons. If the pros are using them, then amateurs should be using them. Many amateurs should only carry, at maximum, a 5 iron and maybe even a 6 iron. The game will become much easier and a lot more fun.

Once the average golfer accepts they need to play hybrid golf clubs, they need to learn how to swing a hybrid golf club. The club looks more like a wood than an iron and as a result, many golfers mistakenly swing the hybrid like a wood, not an iron. This is a mistake.

This tip is going to be somewhat short and sweet. Hybrid golf clubs are meant to replace irons, so swing them like an iron. Many golfers will try to sweep the club along the ground like a wood. Don’t do that. When swinging an iron, the golfer should make contact with the ball by a descending blow. The same swing should be employed with the hybrid club. Hit down on the ball.

The hybrid is designed to hit the ball higher in the air so there is no need to try and sweep or help the ball. Let the club do the work. Striking down on the ball will increase the likelihood of solid contact. The club will take care of the rest.

Well there you have it. First, go and buy hybrid golf clubs to replace your long irons. Second…use them. Swing down, make good contact and prepare to be amazed and overjoyed that you are finally able to hit great shots with your new long irons…I mean, hybrids. I hope this helps, thanks for reading.

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