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Learning to play golf is an expensive, humbling and possibly embarrassing experience. It is for these reasons that online golf instructions have become so popular.

In this article I propose to describe why I think online golf instructions can eliminate the problems brought on by humility, embarrassment and the cost of learning this wonderful game called GOLF!

  • I am afraid there is not much that can be done about the humility of learning golf. It is the sort of game that looks so easy but is so hard to master. Even the pros get the odd dose of humility every now and again, it is what makes the game so challenging - knowing that you will never quite master it. Humility is a good part of it so enjoy!
  • Embarrassment has been the reason many a potential golfer has given up before they have even started. As mistakes are not often tolerated with any degree of patience on the golf course by the more experience golfers in front of and behind you. With online golf instructions you can practice at home or on the practice range before venturing out into the public arena.
  • The cost involved in learning to play golf can be quite prohibitive. Purchasing the equipment is just the first part of an ongoing expense. If you want to play well you need to take lessons as soon as possible - before you develop any bad habits. But lessons with a pro can add up if you have to go back time and again. Online golf instructions solve this problem. You pay once (or get help for free) for what you need and can review your online golf instructions in the form of and e-book or DVD as and when you need to - work at your own pace without having to pay more.

Online golf instructions first appeared on the Internet in the form of questions and answers, tips and newsletters and much of this still goes on today. Golfing forums have sprung up all over the place and these are particularly interesting if you need help or want to follow or partake in some robust arguments.

All great fun and all will help with your game - but be careful as some of the advice, although well intended, can be wrong or merely misinterpreted.

Since those early days online golf instructions have developed to the point where they are today far more advanced. You can now get online golf lessons in e-book form, DVDs or videos on You Tube.

Learning golf has never been easier or cheaper.

Some websites offer golf schools - simply sign up and your golf lessons get sent to you at predetermined times.

A word of warning: this explosion of online golf lessons has brought with it the opportunity for unscrupulous people to market some cheap and irrelevant stuff. In a way we have ourselves to blame as we are always looking for the cheap alternative.

Do your research before jumping in and buying the first thing you come across promising to add 50 yards to your drive within minutes or knock 10 shots off your round the very next time you go out.

If it's too good to be true, it usually is!

When considering online golf instructions I highly recommend you follow the experienced tutors that have been around a long time and have a solid track record.

Online golf instructions are a great way to learn golf!

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