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“Ouch! Back Pain Therapy 4 Golfers - 5 Secrets To Back Pain Relief!”
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“Ouch! Back Pain Therapy 4 Golfers  -  5 Secrets to Back Pain Relief!”

So you want to know how to relieve back pain fast?

Twisting and turning our backs while swinging a golf club at 100 miles per hour is very traumatic on our bodies.

That's the reason 80% of amateur golfers play with some form of back pain at one

time or another!

Wouldn't you like to spend more time on the golf course and less time on your back recuperating from

severe back pain?!

That's also why we need back pain therapy...a systematic strength and flexibility training program.

The problem is, most therapists will go straight to work rubbing, heating, and vibrating at the spot where they think the pain is, and forget to give you a good flexibility training program for the muscles which are further down the body where the pain may actually originate. Besides, people get a warm feeling in their body when they have been massaged and pampered so it feels like it must be working...but then the pain comes back.

X-rays serve a purpose, but it only tells you what's doesn't tell you how to fix the problem.

Do you know exactly which exercises to use when you arrive at the gym with joint and muscle pain?

Should you even use those exercises when you have back pain? If you make the wrong choice you could actually cause even more problems than you came with.

In this fast paced world there isn't always enough time to even make it to the gym, but what if you had a workout that only takes minutes and you can do at home before you go to the golf course and

you didn't need a lot of special equipment or have to pay for a personal trainer?!

Best of all, one that was designed to help rid you of the back pain associated with your golf swing.

That would be the right exercise for the right problem. That is extremely important!

There is an answer.Preventive Therapy.

That's right...we need a full body conditioning training program for back pain therapy before we play, to keep the back in tip top condition for our game!

This would include:

  1. Flexibility exercises that specifically work the muscles that are used for the purpose of the golf swing.

  2. Balance exercises is the ability of controlling one's movement through the golf swing.

  3. Endurance conditioning of your muscles to work over and over on the same golf movement.

  4. Strength training the muscles in your body so you can maintain club head speed while still developing your balance through swing.

  5. Power training is geared towards the ability of your body to have higher range on your shots while making higher levels of club head speed.

You can save yourself so much time and money by just applying a good set of exercises to loosen tight calves, tight hamstrings, resolve upper and lower back pains, while getting your body into better alignment.

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