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Powerchute Golf Review
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I first heard about Powerchute Golf while researching and reviewing another golf training aid.

As soon as I saw it I was hooked and ordered mine straight away.

What a score I get something I can keep and benefit from while being able to claim the cost as an expense on my tax form.

Let me explain what the Powerchute does and why I like it but before I do let's talk about golf and why this product's launch is so timeous.

For as long as I have been coaching the majority of amateur golfers have one thing in common:

We all want more distance - especially off the tee!

It seems to be the over-riding requirement even though the aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole in the least number of shots. To be fair though if you can hit a long ball it does make the rest of the game a bit easier.

But distance is of little use if you don't keep the ball in play.

And therein lies the problem.

For many the effort to hit the ball further results in trying to hit the ball too hard from the top - an incorrect transition from backswing to downswing.

This is what is known as casting. It brings the clubhead back to the ball on the incorrect swing plane (as the arms disengage from the torso) and the wrong angle of attack.

The result is invariably loss of power and either a bad slice or a vicious hook.

To hit the ball further you need to keep the connection between your arms and torso through the take away, downswing and into the follow through. The hands should be ahead of the clubhead throughout the stroke on an inside out swing path.

If the hands are ahead of the clubface you have effectively created 'lag' which is what generates club head speed. Club head speed is probably the most important element in determining how far the ball will fly.

This is where the Powerchute training aid is so brilliant.

It is a simple invention that has far reaching benefits with very little effort. The feedback is instantaneous and obvious.

The "chute" is attached to the club and the player takes his normal swing (be advised though that a three-quarter swing is more than adequate) at an imaginary ball.

The chute engages on the downswing, creating resistance (the same as a "sea-anchor" slows a ship down in bad weather).

The body and hands continue as normal but the resistance creates "lag" - the hips and body are clear of, and the hands are past, the ball before the club-head arrives through the hitting area.

If you start your downswing incorrectly and on the wrong plane the Powerchute will not engage.

Once you have completed 6 - 8 swings with the Powerchute remove it and take your normal swing at the ball and feel the difference, but beware and be sure to hold on to your club - you won't believe the increase in club-head speed.

The results are amazing!

The Powerchute should be used on all clubs, not just the driver, as the lag you create will benefit distance, distance control and spin.

There is no other training aid that I know of that can give the same benefits as the Powerchute in one simple package.

I encourage all my students to get one.

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