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Putt Better In Just A Couple Of Minutes
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Putt Better In Just A Couple Of Minutes

Putting is one of the biggest problems that amateur golfers struggle with. In fact the average amateur three putts 8 to 10 times per eighteen hole round.

And putting can account for up to 50% of your strokes. 50%! That is a large amount of strokes, so doesn't it make sense that you should start spending more time on practicing on these putts. This is the quickest way to lower your scores in golf.

But I want to talk about a different aspect of the putting game that you must have down before you can become a good putter.

And that is the mental game. More specifically, your pre-shot routine. A pre-shot routine is something that all professionals have. And it is one of the most important parts of the golf game.


Because it does several things. Think about your day. How many routines do you have? Every time you get in the car you probably do the exact same thing everyday. Because it is an efficient and quick way of getting started in your day.

And if things changed you probably will be thrown off of your game and not know what to do. That is why a pre-shot routine is so important.

It gets you a comfortable space and allows you to be confident and make a better stroke and make more putts.

But what consists of a pre-shot routine. One of the best parts is that it is your own. You can make your pre-shot routine whatever you want, its whatever gets you comfortable and at peace of mind.

But there are certain things you should build your pre-shot routine around. And those are:

  1. Clear Your Head
  2. Get You Focused
  3. Read The Putt
  4. Line Up The Putt
  5. Imagine the Putt Going in
  6. Practice Strokes
  7. Actually Putting The Ball

Here is my pre-shot routine that includes these things and some personal things that I've added that work for me.

My Pre-Shot Routine

As I walk up to the green I pull out a ball marker, and mark the ball and clean the ball. I then step back at least the distance from the ball to hole, and bend down to read the putt.

As I'm reading the putt I imagine little railroad tracks leading straight to the hole. Then as I stand up I take my hat off and put it back on two to three times. I place the ball down with the line I want.

I then take two practice strokes while looking at the hole and I immediately afterwards walk next to the ball and stroke it, so I have little time to think myself to destruction.

You Pre-Shot Routine

Again that is just my pre-shot routine that works for me. So just do what works for you. I hope this helps and wish you good luck in your game of golf.

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