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Putting Tips For Golf - The Fastest Way To Lower Scores
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Putting Tips for Golf  -  the Fastest Way to Lower Scores

Putting - Is It Really That Hard?

Putting can be one of the most frustrating part of golf. It seems like it should be the simplest part of the game. You take the shortest swing and sometimes you barely have to tap it. But for some reason people really struggle with it.

Heres why. It seems like the simplest part of the game, so we treat it just like that, and we rarely practice it. So when we get on the green we have no muscle memory of a consistent stroke, swing speed, or anything about putting. So we have no prior success to fall back on, we literally have very little knowledge of what we are doing.

On top of that because it seems like the simplest part of the game, we feel like we should be really good at it, and put more pressure on ourselves, usually negative, such as "Don't miss this" and we miss it. This is part of how what seems like the simplest part of the game, becomes the most difficult.

"Drive for show, putt for dough"

Putting Tips For Golf

I am a firm believer in if one person can do, anyone can do it. So if the professionals can be a great putter, so can we. We just have to look at the successful putters, look at their mindset, look at how they handle the situation, how they practice, and modify it to our putting game.

The best way to do this is to look at one of your favorite golfers, and find out as much about them as you can. You like them for a reason, and perhaps that is because you like their swing, their values align with theirs or a variety of other reasons.

But this will help you because you will see yourself as being just like the professional golfer, which is a great golfer. Look at their game, specifically how they putt, this will provide you withs tons of putting tips.

Most likely you'll see how they practice, and how much time they spend practicing on what part of their game. You'll see that they don't practice on the range very often. They don't sit their and pound driver after driver.

This is because they realize that most of their shots come from the short game. Or 100 yards and in. And a lot of that is practicing putting drills that simulate tournament play and simulates the pressure.

So this is one of the best putting tips for golf. Don't reinvent the wheel, copy what is already working from someone you like. And then practice like you play, so you play like you practice.

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