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The Masters Golf 2011 - Watch For Phil Mickelson
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If you are a golfer, check your calendar. The Masters Golf is coming. Final pairings will be announced April 5. Round 1 will take place April 7. Check The Masters TV Schedule and be sure to tune in.

The beauty of Augusta National Golf Course in April is breathtaking. Dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom. For fans of great golf, there is nothing quite like watching The Masters Golf Tournament.

Phil Mickelson returns to defend his title

In 2010 Mickelson came from behind on the final round to beat Lee Westwood by 3 strokes. He has been working hard to prepare himself to defend his title. Phil is a great golfer. His determination and friendly demeanor has won the hearts of millions of golf fans -- especially in light of his long run of never-winning-a-major tournament, which has now thankfully been broken. His family means everything to Phil, and knowing that his wife and mother are battling cancer and that he has managed to control his Psoriatic Arthiritis only adds to his personal popularity. He is someone we can identify with.

Mickelson is a right-handed person who plays golf left-handed

It's true. He learned golf from this father when he was literally knee-high. As his Dad demonstrated how to swing a golf club, young Phil -- standing face to face with Dad a safe distance away -- would mimic his moves. Young Phil was comfortable with this mirror-reverse left-handed swing, and went on to master the game of golf left-handed.

Look for Phil Mickelson Tips in The Masters Golf Tournament

As you enjoy The Masters Golf on TV and follow Phil in his quest for another Green Jacket, take away some Phil Mickelson tips that may help your own golf swing. If you are one of the few golfers out there who play left-handed, you are in luck - You can watch Mickelson's swing and directly translate it to your own swing.

If you play golf right-handed, you'll have to do a little bit of some mental magic -- as you watch Mickelson's golf swing. Even so, there's lessons to be learned from Phil's swing.

I plan to especially watch Phil's feet throughout his swing, the alignment of his back during his backswing and downswing, the plane of his swing, and his finish. Mickelson is an acknowledged master of the short game and so I will be closely watching his chipping, pitching and putting.

I hope to pick up some Phil Mickelson tips that will help me fix my golf game, and you can too.

For The Masters TV Schedule and more tips go to How to Learn from The Masters Golf 2011.

Breaking News: Mickelson just won The Shell Houston Open by 3 strokes

Phil's game plan for The Masters Golf 2011 is right on track. He just won the Shell Houston Open. He had a blistering 27 birdies and an eagle. The odds-makers have now made Mickelson the favorite to win The Masters. But anything can happen. Stay tuned!

Enjoy Masters Golf 2011!

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