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Tips For Proper Golf Swing Takeaway
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Your golf swing can be made or broken as early on as your takeaway, so getting some tips on a better backswing and takeaway can dramatically improve your consistency and ball striking.

I personally have struggled with my takeaway, and I know firsthand it has caused a ton of other issues in my swing, so I am currently working hard on the critical aspects of a proper takeaway and backswing, so I'll mention them here and maybe they can help you too!

Quiet Hands

Keep your hands (and wrists) quiet during the initial part of your takeaway. This is CRITICAL to setting your club in the proper motion and getting it on plane later in your backswing. There should be no rolling of the hands, or premature cocking of the wrists at this early stage. You should merely take it back on "one-piece", with your shoulders move the club, not your hands or arms independently.

One-Piece Takeaway

You've probably heard this phrase once or twice, but I can assure you most amateur golfers do not make a proper move this is connected with the shoulders, arms and hands moving in one piece. This one tip right there can have a major impact on your golf swing consistency and ball striking.

The initial 2 feet or so of the takeaway, should all go back together, with no independent manipulation of the hands, wrist, arms and even elbows.

Right Shoulder Back

This is a BIG one!

Many golfers (myself included) have a lateral move of our right (or back shoulder) in the takeaway, and this causes a slide in our golf swing, which moves our center of gravity too far to the right, making it extremely difficult to come down into a good impact position.

So when you start your swing, think of your right shoulder going directly behind you. It is "rotating" not sliding in your backswing.

Stable Right Knee

Here's another biggy that I struggle with. You MUST keep your right knee very stable in your backswing and takeaway. If the knee moves it will create a reverse pivot, where you hang on your left side going back, instead of loading up your weight transfer to the "inside" of your right foot.

At the top of the swing, you should feel lots of pressure in the big toe of your right foot. If not, you've transfered your weight beyond your right foot, and now will have a difficult time getting back in your downswing.

Golf Swing Aids That Help

I am a huge believer in using swing aids to improve swing faults, and two that I currently use are the connected golf swing trainer which will keep your arms connected as you go back, and also your elbows level. You can actuallly hit balls while using it for instant feedback and faster learning.

The other aid I use is the golf swing plane trainer which will give you the feel of an on-plane backswing and downswing, resulting in better ball striking and power.

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