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What Do Golfers Spend On Golf Over A Lifetime?
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I recently bought a great swing training aid and as is normal with these things I queried the cost of the product and whether it would do what it says. I got a reply from the national sale manager who gave me some rather interesting statistics on what golfers spend on golf over a lifetime.

Personally I think the figures he gave me were wrong (certainly not true of my own experience) but it was still very interesting to read.

So what do golfers spend on golf over their lifetime according to this man?

The first figure he provided was that the average golfer will play golf for 30 years. I thought that was reasonable and I am currently at about that (but have no intention of stopping).

Now for the other 'facts' according to this source (I'll discuss each later in this article):

  • $ 2,160.00 on golf gloves. This is 6 a year at $12.00 per glove for 30 years. Jimminy cricket!
  • $ 7,200.00 on golf balls. He says 10 dozen a year at $24.00 per dozen. Crikey!
  • $ 27,000.00 on golf rounds or green fees. 30 rounds a year at $30.00 per round. Sounds reasonable but don't tell the wife!
  • His figures on equipment only covered drivers, hybrids wedges and putters which is obviously not everything as there was no mention of any other irons, golf bags, trundlers/golf carts, tees, wet weather gear or anything else (I best stop there in case the wife does read this!)

According to his information we would buy on average:

  • 5 drivers at $300.00 ($1,500.00),
  • 4 hybrids at $250.00 ($1,000.00),
  • 6 wedges at an average of $120.00 ($720.00) and
  • 5 putters at an average of $125.00 ($625.00).

What all this amounts to is a massive $39,000.00 that the average golfer will spend on golf over their lifetime. Wow! And those are figures for non-club members. Add the extra by multiplying your club membership by 30 odd years (and don't ever tell your wife!)

What I don't agree with (based purely on my own experience) is:

  • 6 Gloves a year seems excessive to me. I play at least twice a week and don't but this many gloves. Maybe the quality of the glove plays a role here.
  • Even playing twice a week I do not go through anywhere near this amount of balls and if I did I would not buy new ones. The 'average golfer' he is quoting must be losing a lot of balls!
  • In New Zealand we either pay a membership (which entitles you to as much golf as you like at your home club with no compulsory additional costs - competitions do have a small extra charge) or green fees. However that having been said I think that $1,000.00 a year for either is probably about average.

What has he left off?

  • Rather conveniently the amount the average golfer spends on the 19th hole (another $40,000.00?)
  • Traveling expenses
  • Tournament fees
  • Lessons
  • Golf gizmos and training aids
  • Range balls and range related costs
  • Bets lost (but we only ever win - don't we?)
  • Plus lots more.

I suppose one could go on but rather than put you off let's look at the positive side of golf for the average golfer.

I was a Financial Adviser for over 30 years and during that time I met a lot of contacts on the golf course. Whilst I never spoke business on the course I most certainly conducted business (both as a supplier and a consumer) with people I met through golf.

My earnings and discounts I received as a result of these dealings far outstrip any costs.

And what price would you put on great friends and unbelievable memories?

What else would you have chosen to do rather than be out in the fresh air, getting some exercise, while having the best time of your life?

So go play golf with a clear conscience and remember that the next time you buy some golf related item or play with a new member or stranger it could just be life changing.

I'd like to thank the sales manager who I bought the swing training aid from for supplying me with the information on what the average golfer spends on golf over a lifetime. It got me thinking. At first I was quite shocked but then I felt good as the thirty years and every dollar has been a great investment.

In fact I am off to spend some more this afternoon - need to keep those spending averages up and the handicap down!

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You have a talent and write beautifully. I had a look at your site and was suitably impressed. That 'house sitting' is indeed a novel idea, and the best of luck to you.

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