Your Parents / Grandparents Help With Your Kids ?
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Your Parents / Grandparents Help With Your Kids ?

If you have kids & live in your own home (renting or buying) do you think your Parents/Grandparents should tell you how to raise your own child. And if any of us watches the TODAY Show on NBC you know that they did story on this, but like most of us I figure that it would never happen to my family. Well it did, and yes like most I was pretty upset.

Now before I go any further I need to tell you this much, about four (4) maybe five (5) years, but anyway my parents had let us (me & my family) to rent there old house out since they were having a hard time selling the house & was need the extra income.

And that was great of them for letting us cause honestly we were (my family) getting tired of living in apartments, and the kids (we have two kids) had been asking when we were getting a house so they can have a yard to play in, & have more friends over too. If any of you have live in apartment you know that most apartments really isn't that big, & my parents had lived in this house about fifteen (15) maybe twenty (20) years & went to the church up from the house for about five (5) year, & this is where my story is going now.

It all started yesterday (Jan. 2,2014) around 7:00 p.m. (give or take) when the preacher & youth preacher (from my parents old church) came over to the house & no that didn't both me that they had came over, cause I had thought one of two things. One was that maybe they were coming by to ask how was my parents doing & are they still loving the house they bought, & are they going to church still, & do they like it there. Just the meet a greet stuff.

Or two they were coming to see me & talk to me about coming to church up there, & yes I have went to church there before but when I had a job & before the kids came in the picture I was working a third shift job from Sunday thru Friday morning. And if anyone knows that when you are working a third shift job it is hard especially if you have to go in on a Sunday.

Getting back on track, they had come by to talk to me cause my stepfather had call them to come down to talk to us about picking up the kids & taking them to church, I mean what the HELL (sorry about french). And to be honest I pretty much said that to them, well they keep talking to me just like most people from church do & telling me more stuff of why my stepfather had call them & why he wanted them to pick up the kids & so on. Well by now I was boiling & on top of that I'm a Yankee & if you know anything about people from up north we intend to open are mouth & not hold back.

They finally left about fifteen (15) min's later they had left & you can see it in they face's from what I had said to them (I want repeat in here it was pretty bad) that I hurt there feeling's & even made them feel a little dumb, but at that point in time after hearing all this stuff that my stepfather had said to them & what he wanted them to do just really made me upset.

Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem of going to church or learning about GOD, but it will be at my own pace & time and that goes for my kids too. And that is another story I'll tell you later. So after they had left & my wife had calm me down (we went to the store), I started to realize that it wasn't there fault cause all they were doing were coming at my stepfather request. But I can't tell you how many time I have to tell him to stay out of my family business cause how me & my wife raise are kids is our business & not your's.

And yes he even has played the card, " Well you are living in my house", & I have told him yes I am but renting it & if it was any other renter in the house would you do it to them. He couldn't answer me back, he even has tried to buy my son (he just turn 10) a gun not a BB gun but a gun. Most people would be what's wrong with that all you need to do is teach him right from wrong, well me & my wife had already said no not until he is a little older. Beside our son isn't into gun's anyway all he like's to do is learning how to ride his skateboard, reading, & LEGO'S.

Well to wrap this up if you are a Parent should we as Parents let our mom & dad's / Grandparents help us raise our kids, or should they be told look you raise me now let us raise our child & you just be the Grandparent nothing more, & it or I think it shouldn't be because you are living in there old house even if you are renting, buying it, or they give it to you they don't need to play that card either. If this has ever happen to you feel free to leave a comment or if you think I was wrong tell me.

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