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Easy Green Living At Home
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Easy Green Living at Home

Do you want to go green?

Do you hesitate about green because you think it is too hard or too expensive?

Green living is not as complicated as it may seem. There are many easy and inexpensive things you can do to go green. Today I am going to show you ways to turn your home into an environmenally friendly home.

One thing you can do is switch your old appliances for more energy efficient appliances. Look for something with a good energy star rating. There are many benefits to owning energy efficient appliances. You will be reducing the cost of energy in your home. Imagine how much you will save on your utility bill. They also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This means that they are very environmentally friendly.

Even though energy efficient appliances are a great way to save energy, they are also somewhat expensive. If you can't afford to switch to new appliances, they are many little things you can do. You can switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED light bulbs. You would be amazed at how much energy you will save just by switching your light bulbs. Using biodegradable household cleaning products has many positive effects. It is safer to use around the house than ordinary cleaing products. One of the cheapest and and simpliest ways to save energy is turning your air down. It's free to do, as easy as hitting a button or turning a dial, and you will be saving energy and money.

Another thing you can do is start a compost heap. Composting is a great way to help the environment and cut down on waste that would just end up in a landfill. It is also a great way to improve your garden as it makes great fertilizer. And it is really simple. All you need to do is set up a place in your backyard or basement, add your kitchen and yard waste, and let mother nature take over. It helps if you stir up your compost every once in a while which helps ventilate it, but be sure not to compress it, which expels air and slows down the composting process. Wait a little while and you will have a great soil enhancer. It is just that easy.

There are many ways to make your home a green home. Take what I have listed today and use it in your home and you will be helping the environment and saving money. It just goes to show that even the littlest things can make a big difference.

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