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Energy Efficient Appliances - Advantages
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Energy Efficient Appliances  -  Advantages

We continually hear on the news that our resources are running out and we should all be aiming to become more energy efficient. We instantly think that these products will be worse than there "energy consuming" alternatives when actually the energy efficient appliances advantages are numerous. Many of these products are now just as good as the alternatives and those that aren't are rapidly catching up.

The number one advantage is that these products will help save you money. When you purchase a product how often do you think about how efficient the product is and how much energy it uses. Like me (pre-green thinking) I am guessing never, you simply go for the best product at the cheapest price. This approach can actually end up costing your more in the long run. Did you know that between 10-20% of the average household bill is spent on the lights in your house? Imagine the saving you would make, paying an additional £1-£2 initially, if your lights burn brighter and cost less. It probably makes so much sense you’re now thinking why haven't you done this sooner.

The other advantage is that green appliances actively help to save the environment. If you ever have a choice between buying cheap and buying green and you choose green, you have actively helped to save on the planets resources. I know it’s not much but every product and every person's small difference will make a huge difference overall. We are running out of resources, everybody knows this, what we can do is slow the decline to such an extent that when oil wells do eventually run dry there will be fully renewable, green alternatives. Eventually we will stop using fossil fuels and will have a fully renewable energy source to power the planet, until that time we should all aim to make our small difference so that we don't run out of our resources first.

I think the most appealing advantage to everyone, especially in our current economic climate, is that we can save our money with smarter purchases. I have personally seen a drop in my bills and more money in my pocket, my house now boasts energy efficient lightbulbs throughout my house, I have an eco kettle and solar panels on my roof. Not only does this feel great but I have spare money left over at the end of the month. The question I put to you is this; why wouldn't you buy energy efficient products?

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