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How To Use Peppermint Oil To Rid Home Of Mice!
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How To Use Peppermint Oil To Rid Home Of Mice!

Hello Folks,

****Reader the information provided is based on my own personal experience.

Yes, you read the title correctly peppermint oil can be use to rid the home of mice and quite possibly rats. So let's get to it I know typically when you think of peppermint what comes to mind is candy or tea. Yet, I found a way to put mice at bay and it is very economically. That will in turn keep your home pest free and safe.

Have you seen the cost of an exterminator, can you say YIKES! Well not to worry, purchasing peppermint oil is easy and inexpensive and applying this technique is very simple. Things that I need you to remember when completing this task is:

1.You are working with oil and it will stain clothing, carpet, etc.

2. Make sure you or family members within house are not allergic to it.

3. It is not poison so if a child or pet touches /consumes it they will not be harmed so breathe easy.

*** People do not hope for a miracle if you do not do the leg work do not bother to purchase the supplies because it will not work.

Ok, moving forward lets begin our journey into a new way of getting rid of those darn mice.

Step 1: Purchase some 100% all nature Peppermint oil at any health food store (please do not get inmitation oil it will not work). Next, purchase some sponges and small container that the pieces of sponges will be held in. Based the amount of oil, sponges, and containers on the size of the house and where you will place your oil soaked sponges.

Step 2: Clear out extra clutter around the house paying close attention to the basement, garage and closet, and the perimeter of these places, mice love warm dark cluttered spaces as well as the kitchen, bathroom and garbage.

Step 3: Prepare your house to be locked down, stop eating all other the house, eat in one area of your home, tie all garbage bags and dispose promtply. There is really no room for error if you want them gone. Clean kitchen well, put away all food do not leave out unopened drinks or snacks. All food items have to be sealed and put into a storage bag or sealed container. Next, clothing has to be washed, hung and/or folded and put in its proper place. As well as shoes organize them and put them away.

Step 4: Cut small pieces of sponge and place in container, completely saturate the sponge with the oil. Place a minimum of one container along the perimeter/near wall of any given room.

That is it, I hope this helps. It has done wonders for me and my family. Stay safe, be healthy and LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY!

Street Talk

Thanks for the Info.

  about 9 years ago

Thank you soooooo much. Looking forward to trying this method. Been doing the trap thing but some of them are so small they can eat the peanut butter without setting off the trap. I currently have the stench of a dead mouse in my basement office. Maybe I can get a nice fresh smelling house out of the deal too. Can't wait.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for useful information. I just found that rats came back to my backyard and one even stole my newborn bunny :( Bad thing, I can't catch that rat with a regular rat trap. I should try what you are suggesting here.

  about 1 decade ago

WOW! Hope this helps

  about 1 decade ago
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