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Energy Certificates

1. So what are the Energy Certificates (CE)?

2. Because he is obligator?

3. Which the legal framing?

4. How are made the studies to be emitted CEs?

5. Formation has the technician that the CEs emits.

6. Which the minimum and/or maximum values so that the CEs gets positive approval?

7. What it happens when these values they are fulfilled?

Relatively to points 1. and 3., when we intend to sell/ lease, we have that obligatorily to get an Energy Certificate and of the Quality of valid Interior Air, ahead assigned for CE.

This CE serves essentially to disponibilizar information to the buying potential, renter or leaseholder aquando of the celebration of the respective contract, on the energy efficiency and the waited consumptions of energy in a normal use of the building. It also serves to indicate measured of performance improvement, with económica viability, that the proprietor can implement for the reduction of energy expenditures, contributing of this form for a bigger saving in the energy fcosts, improvement of the thermal comfort, reduction of CO2 emissions, valuation of the property in one future transaction, and also in terms of tax benefits. In the buildings of services the CE, stops beyond informing on the energy performance of the building, intends to assure to the usuaries that the building congregates conditions to guarantee one adequate quality of interior air.

Among others informations, the CE contains the identification of the property, the connoisseur, the energy performance - that it goes since a+ classification (more good performance) the G (more worse performance), the validity, the description sucinta of the property, descriptions of the solutions adoptees (including values of reference prescribed), measures of improvement proposals, as well as the different investments and respective times of return to reach definitive performance/comfort.

The energy classification is influenced by the edificantes characteristics of the habitation (such as the walls, coverings, glasses, orientation etc.), exploitation of energies renewed, systems of ventilation (natural or mechanics), used fuels in the systems of climatization and sanitary hot water production (in short they are the energy necessities for climatization, i.e heating and cooling, and for AQS production that determines the classroom of energy performance).

Thus although to only be obligator in the act of the transaction, one will have become independently of this obligatoriness, has some advantages, of which we detach:

Relatively to point 2.: The DL nº to 78/2006 - the SCE Approves - National System of Energy Certification and the Quality of Interior Air in the Buildings. It compels State-Member to implement a system of energy certification (SCE) that:

- The improvement of the energy performance and the quality of interior air in the buildings Assures;

- It guarantees that these pass withhold a Certificate of Energy Performance;

- Combat to the climatic alterations, through a bigger rationalization of the energy consumptions in buildings by the way one of the measures of the National Program for the Climatic Alterations, “Energy Efficiency in the Buildings”.

Relatively to point 4.: The Qualified Connoisseurs (PQ) are the technician responsible for the conduction of the process of certification of the buildings, being the agents who assure the operationalization of the SCE. The PQ, inside from the functions and abilities defined for the SCE, will have to proceed to the analysis of the energy performance and the quality of interior air in the existing buildings, applying the methodology of calculation defined for the DL 80/2006 - RCCTE, nominated for the quantification of the indices and parameters of characterization defined in its Article 4.º, as well as for the calculation of its boundary-values as settled in its Article 15.º.

Relatively to points 5. and 6.: The CE is the result of an evaluation that always has a classification, correspondent to a predefined scale of classrooms (of A+ the G), where a+ classroom corresponds to a building with better energy performance, and classroom G to one of worse.

Relatively to point 7.: The worse one that it can happen is to have classification G (worse possible performance) A ruin also has that to have energy certificate, that if it knows to the departure to be G.

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