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Herbal Medicine For Grief
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Herbal Medicine for Grief

Grief is something I know very well. After losing my parents as well as my older sister, my spirit felt crushed, my heart broken. I know how devestating loss can be. It can hit us in so many ways. Did you lose a loved one? A pet? Are you going through a divorce? Did you lost your job? Your health?

No matter what your facing, a little help never hurts. This is a time to be kind and loving to yourself.

I got into herbalism a few years ago, and I was especially interested in herbal medicine for grief.

One plant in particular stood out to me. Rose. There are several herbs that can help us through grief, but this article will focus mainly on rose as I've spent more time with her.

A few years ago I was visiting a friend on the coast of Norway. It was at the end of summer and behind her house was the most beautiful rose bush. In fact wild roses grew everywhere in that small town by the sea. It was raining a lot that summer and the sky was alive with ever changing clouds. I had come from the city and I was amazed at how fresh the air was. Borrowing a jar from my friend I filled it with rose petals and covered them with honey. It was the only thing I knew how to make from roses and I wanted to bring the medicine home with me. Rose honey is still my favorite herbal medicine.

The most amazing thing was how I felt after just a tiny amount of that honey. It was love in a jar. I felt like crying when eating it because it made me feel again. I think grief can sometimes leave us in shock. For years we can think we're over it, but in truth we've just bottled it all up inside where it's slowly gnawing on us, making us tired, drained. I sure felt like that. I had no energy to do anything. When I use rose I feel my heart opening just a little bit. It's such a relief.

Rose has a special affinity to the heart and is the queen of all flowers. She is a symbol of love. But she is also a teacher of self love, and perhaps that's the birth place of love for others.

There are many ways to use rose. One of my favorites is as tea. If I have rose honey on hand I will stir some of that into it. The best tea is made out of whole pink roses. But you can also buy regular teas with rose. Numi has a white rose tea that I like a lot.

Other ways to use rose is as a tincture. You can also make an uplifting room and linen spray using rose and lavender.

Lavender is a wonderfully soothing and comforting herb. It is nice as tea. The essential oil helps us calm down, and is a lot cheaper than rose essential oil.

I've written about how rose can help us through grief, mostly because that is the main herb I reach for when I need support. Grief is something we have to walk through, no medicine can take it away, but the plants can be right there with us.

Rose helps heal our broken hearts and teaches us to love life again. My favorite way to take rose is a tea and as rose honey. I've also used rose tincture, and I keep a bottle of rose and lavender spray at my bedside.

I wish you, and your loved ones strength and healing in your journey through grief.

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