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How To Stop Thinning Hair: A Dream Or Reality
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How to Stop Thinning Hair: A Dream Or Reality

Waking up every morning each day running your fingers through your hair you notice strands of hair on your hands wondering what in the world is going on.Walking up towards the mirror you catch a glimpse of the encroaching bald spot due to your own hair follicles on your cranium thinning to the point of no existence, Trust me it happens to everyone especially me.

Causes of thinning hair, there are many reasons to this occurrence could be allergies to your shampoo with all the chemical ingredients used.

I highly recommend Not to touch any shampoo or conditioner containing sodium lauryl sulfate specifically it being a synthetic compound/detergent used in pesticides where in shampoos it extracts the essential oils from the hair benefiting to the thinning hair loss impeding growth of hair follicles so STICK to all natural as much as possible (PAYS TO BE GREEN).

Thinning Hair is more vulnerable to physical exertion like any type of pulling; utilizing hair dryers or curlers less is a plus also if you’re a hat person I suggest you let your hair breathe more often. A healthy head of hair & body is a must for everyone so plenty of exercise, a good diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals every day, and a healthy lifestyle keeps your body’s internal system engine running at its peak performance.


Knowing a bit of the many factors to thinning hair we start to wonder how to can we stop or at least delay this from happening. Upon researching the factors of thinning hair from the internal D HT a hormone from the human genome that impedes the normal hair growth process to the external usage of chemicals or ill effect stimulation having to coming up with ways for preventing this occurrence.

Confiding in myself to find the best solutions out there for me to work with, I used myself as the experimental guinea pig of course since I deal with this almost at a daily basis. First and foremost I need to work with a shampoo and conditioner with the least amount of harmful chemicals For example

(Sodium laurel sulfate, Ammonium Laurel Sulfate, Sulfur (in dandruff shampoos), Selenium Sulfide (in dandruff shampoos) Just to name a few, some are mostly used in your big name brand shampoos e.g.(Pert Plus, Head & Shoulders, Dove, etc.)

so I turn my eyes to thin hair specific products with helpful ingredients ( Biotin, Saw palmetto, Nucleic Acids, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & D, and Keratin Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamins) are all natural organic solutions as much as possible with dietary supplements geared to boost your internal system, results for me hair strands fell less, it gave more bounce hair giving it a thicker look was a plus, and kept hair from a dry & brittle effect. For the best results a conditioner as a leave in once a week while results tend to take several months after once every two days of application consistency is key so don’t expect no overnight miracles.

How to stop thinning hair for every guy & gal out there is so tied to our personality or image that it at times defines us in so many ways that we neglect to remember that we define ourselves through our individuality so think about this next time u see yourself in front a mirror or reflection your hair doesn’t define you, you do.

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