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OVERVIEW: Healthy hair starts with a healthy body.

Human Immune System: Is not a specific organ. It involves a complex system of organs, cells and chemicals. Your skin is the first layer of defence, where your sweat and sebum breakdown potential invaders. Once the invaders get past the skin they are met by the lymphoid organs and white blood cells working via a circulating lymph fluid and blood to kill the invaders.

Major lymphoid Organs: The thymus, and the bone marrow. These are supported by the lymph nodes and spleen. The appendix and tonsils were once thought to be useless, however they actually play a vital role in supporting the immune system.

Bone Marrow: Creates red and white blood cells. Eight million blood cells die every minute, and the same are regenerated. The thymus assigns T cells their duties, and secretes immune regulating hormones. Lymph nodes are where pockets of white blood cells gather ready for battle. When fighting lymph nodes enlarge with invaders and white bloods cells so you can actually see them swollen. Lymph nodes also act as a drainage system, filtering lymph fluid and carry away dead cells. The body has four times the amount of lymph fluid than blood.

Blood Filtering Spleen: Is a blood reservoir that filters blood and removes dead blood cells, and engulfs viruses and bacteria. The spleen also signals B cells to produce antibodies.

Tonsils: Guards against invasion via the nose and mouth. People with no tonsils have higher rates of respiratory issues.

Appendix: Assists with B cell maturation and antibody production. It also directs traffic by producing molecules that direct white blood cells to other parts of the body. The appendix also guards the digestive tract to suppress harmful antibody production. The peyers patch reacts to invaders in the intestines and controls germs in our food.

White Blood Cells: Consist of B cells, T cells, phagocytes and granulocytes. B cells circulate in our bodily fluids such as serum and lymph. B cells produce antibodies specific for the invaders. Immunoglobulins and antibodies, seek enemies and lock on and destroy them before an immune response occurs. Some B cells become memory cells, identifying and destroying previous invaders.

T cells: Gives the body cellular immunity, they seek and destroy enemies regardless of type. T cells command other cells by issuing orders by way of chemical messengers. NK killer cells are lethal cells that shoot holes in invaders even cancer cells, once the infection is controlled the T cells regulate antibody production and everything goes back to normal.

Phagocytes & Granulocytes: Kills by engulfing enemy cells and digests them. Macrophage cells cleanse the body of debris and old blood cells and they secrete chemicals summoning other immune cells to the battle site. Granulocytes destroy with chemical granules, like pus from an infection.

A healthy immune system is the best doctor in the world and no drugs can bring it to harmony. Proper diet, clean water, mild exercise, low stress, good sleep, and regular meditation all support the immune system. Doing these processes you will look better, sleep better, and yes have healthy hair.

The conundrum is many healthy people have hair loss. The human immune system is very complex, but leading a healthy lifestyle can go along way to leading a better happier life.

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