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There is no standard Cause of Hair Loss

There is hair loss that is hereditary and hair caused by other factors such as hormonal influences, stress and environmental issues.

Typically hereditary related hair loss manifest in the form of male and female pattern baldness. Female hair loss can also be caused by other specific factors such as pregnancy and menopause.

The Common Causes of Hair Losses


98 percent of balding in men and 50 percent in women are caused by genetics. We can often tell by looking at our parents. In more serious cases, we can already tell the sign of oncoming balding by the time we are 30.

However, only 7 percent of men fall into the most severe form of balding which only leaves 3 percent of hair around the side and back of the head.

The pattern of male baldness usually falls under one of the categories of the Norwood calssification system below.

n male pattern baldness, hair almost always remain at the sides and back of the head.

For women, hair loss occurs as overall thinning, including the sides of the head.

Mechanical Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss caused by mechanical actions include tight braiding, rubber banding, turbans and other methods that put stress on the hair.

Chemical overprocessing

Often related to extreme hair care and cosmetics, the use and overprocessing of harsh chemicals can lead to hair loss when carelessly applied to the scalp, and affecting the hair follicle roots.


Medications such as anabolic steroids, antidepressants, birth control pills and tranquilizers can cause hair loss.


People who are genetically inclined to suffer hair loss can suffer sudden hair loss when undergoing stress.

Hormonal related diseases

Diseases causing hair loss includes hormonal related ones such as thyroid and anemia.

For over forty years low level laser has been a proven way to stimulate the hair follicle. Help to regrow

hair and/or at least stop the rapid progression of hair loss. HRx brings to market the first portable hand

held laser for personal use.

Similar products on the market are considerably bulkier, but just as effective. I hear from an insider, that

HRx will soon debut a new product line of shampoos and treatments that help support new nerve growth,

to further aid in the challenges of hair loss.

A cure for hair loss is at best 10-20 years away, so for now we welcome a new approach to this major

issue for the men and women who are affected. If you remember twenty years ago the community said

a cure was well twenty years away. What we have now is a way to slow down loss and get back some.

With that said, hair loss is so systemic, that cures seem next to impossible. Even if they do eventually have one. What will it do to the sensitive complex workings of the human immune system? No one knows for sure. Could it be, yeah we can grow your hair with stem cells, but

you'll get a third eye. Who wants that. Finding sunglasses will be a challenge, but at least your hair will look great!

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