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Losing Your Hair - You Can Stop It Now!
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Losing Your Hair  -  You Can Stop it Now!

Id rather have a 4 head than an 8

In today's society I have just gotten used to the fact that I am 33 and I have a ridiculous receding hair line. I look at pictures of me when I was younger and I cannot believe I actually have a forehead, cause now I have somewhere around a 7 or 8 head. Hair loss is a tragedy that a lot of people have to deal with. But I have done some research and I have found some ways to slow the process down. Its not rocket science and most of it is obvious.

  1. I like to wear hats, and I don't know how many times I have heard, that is the cause for my thinning hair. So after some investigation I found that hats DO NOT cause hair loss. Direct Pressure does on the other hand. Skullies, weaves, braids, anything that is tight on the scalp will cause massive hair damage and over time you will start losing your hair.
  2. The sun also does not cause hair loss, it is advised that you protect yourself from the sun any way possible because uv rays are all around bad, but in terms of hair, the sun will dry out your hair, cause breaking, and split ends but it does not cause hair loss. Protect yourself anyways though.
  3. Leading cause of hair loss outside of androgenetic alopecia, a genetic disorder. STRESS. Stress is the leading cause for hair loss in most people. Stress causes an over active sabaceous gland, which cause an excess amount of oil to excrete through your pours. this oil chokes off oxygen and destroys the roots of your hair.

Their are many causes but this is just a precursor to a website I will be working on soon and a battery of products I have and will be testing on myself to find out what works and what doesn't If anyone has any experience and can save me some head ache or hair ache, id love to hear from you.

I feel the medical industry is taking advantage of the balding group and I would like to stop this from happening, their has to be a cheap easy way to stop this from happening. It is a proven fact that balding in men and women, statistically, is getting worse. We need an answer.

Other than that their are plenty of products that we know work and are cheap and have great reviews. I hope this has helped, follow me for my studies. I'm excited, but a little nervous to get it going.

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