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The Other Side Of Rogaine
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With the development of recent technology and medical data, it has been possible to expand the variety of treatments available for hair loss. Medication has become an option favoured by some, one of the most popular remedies being Minoxidil – or Rogaine as it is known in the market trade.

The benefit of minoxidil in relation to hair growth was actually discovered by accident in the 1980s, when it was being introduced as a drug for the treatment of high blood pressure. It was then realised that Rogaine was not effective as this form of medication, and there was a large, common side effect of hair growth, which lead to the drug becoming an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss and thinning.

Rogaine is available over-the-counter (this is a more recent change, originally it was only prescribed). One can purchase the solution in either ‘regular’ or ‘extra’ strength.

Hair loss generally occurs when hair follicles shrink, preventing new hair strands to grow out of them. Gradually, it can even be possible for the follicles to be completely destroyed, however, if stopped in time (and possibly with the help of various treatments – not necessarily medication) this can be stopped and sometimes reversed. Although it isn’t completely certain as to how minoxidil works, it is believed to revitalise the shrunken follicles, causing them to grow. Rogaine must be used twice a day to give hair follicles a chance to grow, initiating longer hairs. Some believe that the drug increases blood flow to areas near where the hair is balding, again initiating hair growth.

While this all sound very promising, taking the drug is hard work in itself. Minoxidil must be taken twice a day for a while until results, if any, start to show. There are no guaranteed results, and there are very common, unwanted, unpleasant side effects. The more common side effects of the drug are burning or irritation of the eyes, and unpleasant sensations such as itching, redness and irritation of the area suffering from hair loss. Because Rogaine is a general treatment (not given to each individual to target personal hair loss), it is highly likely for unwanted hair growth to occur in undesired places on the body. Also, some more severe side effects of the drug have been known. These include rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the mouth, chest pain, fainting, fast heart beat, unexplainable weight gain and dizziness. Oddly enough, hair loss has been found to be a common side effect of Rogaine.

While for some, the side effects may be irrelevant as they are desperate for a solution, in many opinions, it isn’t even worth attempting the drug treatment, as there are so many alternatives. As mentioned, the development of recent technology and medical findings has lead to an incredible increase in the development of other treatments for hair loss, such as non-surgical hair replacement procedures, and ethically sourced human hair wigs.

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