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Tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Women
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Tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Let’s face it, women do not want to lose hair! I know of 3 instances where women lose their hair:

  1. Due to chemotherapy - an unfortunate side effect.
  2. Due to age – an inevitability in some women.
  3. Due to abuse or more to the point, lack of care – women are brought up to care for themselves, so I believe this to be an abusive social environment.

I don’t even like to entertain the thought of chemotherapy based hair loss. It brings the wrong image to my mind, and although a woman is beautiful with or without hair in my opinion, the suffering and angst associated with cancer is too appalling to imagine. I would not wish it on anyone one. I have heard comedians joke about it, and it is no joking matter.

There are 2 alternatives to this type of hair loss, buy a hairpiece and hide your issue from the world at large, or let the sun shine on your pate and revel in the warmth. Either is a great way to go, just make the choice that is best for you.

Is there any attached stigma to Hair Loss? Yes and no. Yes if you allow it, no if you realize that you love yourself and people should love you for who you are, not for what you look like.

What Are The Common Causes Of Hair Loss? Well first of all your hair is growing continually and like your skin layer, constantly regenerating. So there is always going to be hair on your brush, or some amount of hair loss when you wash your hair. This is just the old strands being replaced. You need to be concerned when you see hair on your pillow when you wake up, or more hair than usual in your brush, or just clumps of hair falling out.

This type of hair loss suggests something is wrong. Stress is one of the main culprits, but so are hereditary reasons, and this is called female-pattern hair loss. Other reasons might be:

  • pregnancy,
  • basic anemia,
  • thyroid issues,
  • a result of body stress due to surgery
  • psoriasis, and other skin conditions
  • treating you hair roughly with brushing, towelling, or particular hairstyles, such as tight braids/weaves and cornbrows.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Hair Loss Women?

  • If you need surgery, build up your system with nutrients prior to the procedure to help your body in the recovery stage. Practice mediation to help you stay calm. Basically you want to try to save your body from the stress of the ordeal.
  • Basic anemia can be combat with nutrients and eating habits. Keep your body healthy and it will respond with a glow!
  • Pregnancy issues can be less stressful by practicing meditation. However, all women’s body’s undergo a huge amount of stress during pregnancy, just try to reduce that stress in a calming manner.
  • See your doctor if you suspect a thyroid issue, or just to eliminate the possibility of thyroid issues.
  • Skin conditions are treated by medication, and proper nutrients in the body. See a dermatologist and discuss your eating habits.
  • Lastly, take care of your hair, don’t treat it too roughly, don’t pull at it just to get the brush through it. Hold the ends, then brush them out, this way you don’t pull the hair from the scalp.

It’s a serious concern among women and if you feel it is happening to you, I believe you can, and should do something about it.

You can keep that beautiful head of hair shining and healthy for all the time you walk this earth!

Street Talk

S. Gray  

Great article and tips, Terry! Using harsh chemicals in the hair is also another reason women lose hair. The main reason why I stopped doing so is because of the negative impact these products had on the health of my hair and scalp. Thanks for sharing.

  about 9 years ago
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