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Simple And Easy Carpal Tunnel Exercises
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Simple And Easy Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Repetitive stress injury conditions that include carpal tunnel syndrome are also known as work-related disorders of the upper limb. These strained parts of the upper body create stiffness and swelling of the nerves, muscles and tendons affecting the wrist, hands, forearms, shoulders and neck. Carpal Tunnel exercises can help to alleviate or even carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress disorders.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is only one among the several painful conditions that can arise from stress and straining repetitive movements. The use of proper range of motion that includes these exercises can help you avoid surgery for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries.

To steer clear or eliminate these kinds of conditions there are several exercises that you can start doing right now. Here are a number of effective exercises that you can incorporate in your daily exercise regimen at home or while at work.

Carpal Tunnel Exercises to Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries

1. Stretching Exercises

It is necessary to regularly apply stretching exercises on the forearms as the tendons and muscles of this body part is directly associated with the carpal tunnel located within the wrists of the hands. By stretching the forearm, the tension affecting the muscles and tendons can be released. Stretching can also help strengthen the muscles of the forearm.

You can either stretch the wrists and fingers of the hands while you are in a standing or sitting position. You can do this by simply extending your arms to your front and by positioning them in a hand-stand pose. Hold the hand-stand pose for about 5 seconds. Other stretching exercises that involve extending the arms are the following:

-Extend your arms straight and let the fingers relax by letting them dangle downwards. This can relax the wrist and the fingers.

-Straighten your arms and make a tight fist. After which, bend your wrists in a downward position and hold it for about 5 seconds.

-Other than stretching the arms all the way to the fingers, you can also exercise your wrist by simply shaking them while your arms are hanging loosely at the sides of your body. You can do these Carpal Tunnel exercises up to 10 repetitions per session and you can perform these reps 3 to 5 times a day.

Also remember to stretch your neck and shoulder muscles several times during the day, while at work or even while at home.

2. Gliding Exercises

As part of your carpal exercises, gliding exercises are also beneficial. Gliding has the ability to relax the tendons, ligaments and the median nerve. By using tendon and median nerve gliding exercises, you can reduce the painful pressure that is affecting the carpal ligaments of the hands. Gliding can also promote proper blood flow that is important to keep fluid pressure to its normal level.

Gliding exercises can be done through the following:

-Open your hands' palms, imitating a "stop" hand gesture and hold it for 3 seconds.

-Next, slowly bend the fingers of the hands until they touch the pads of the hands. Hold this position for another 3 seconds.

-You can also do a gliding exercise by simply imitating a squeezing gesture for about 3 seconds.

In general, doing these exercises can provide incredible benefits to the hands, arms, wrists and fingers. However, it would still be beneficial to consult your doctor or physical therapist to know the best course of therapy that is specifically needed for your condition. Indeed, practicing simple exercises should be a part of your daily activities to enhance your body's health and general wellness.

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