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Stretches For Carpal Tunnel – 3 Of The Best Stretching Exercises To Provide Carpal Relief Without Surgery
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Stretches for Carpal Tunnel – 3 Of the Best Stretching Exercises to Provide Carpal Relief Without Surgery

Stretches for carpal tunnel in many cases can be your best treatment for carpal tunnel relief. And for anyone who is looking for a remedy for their carpal tunnel syndrome, this alternative is all natural and helps avoid the need for surgery which in itself is painful and takes a great deal of time to heal.

There are many carpal tunnel stretches that can be done that are very effective in relieving carpal pain. Three of them are provided here to help alleviate some of the difficulties this condition causes.

Starting with a warm up. Hold your arms out, parallel to the ground, in front of you. Cock your wrists in order to position your fingers so that they are pointing up toward the ceiling. Maintain the pose for 5 seconds then let off to let the extremities of your hands dangle freely. Then, with a clenched fist while squeezing hard with both hands, rotate your wrists in a downward motion, holding it for a five second time frame then relax. Drop your arms to where they are hanging at your side and move your fingers around, back and forth and side to side in an easy manner. This movement is to be repeated for 10 times.

Move onto a nerve-gliding finger exercise. Kick this move off with extended hands and straight fingers that are at the same level as your wrist. Create the form of a hook by rolling your fingers downward and in toward your palm bending them at the joint, then lengthening them till they are straight again. Now roll your fingers to form a clenched fist, then lengthen them once again until they are straight. Press and point your fingers down, bending at the knuckles to place them at a right angle to your wrist. This movement should be repeated 10 times as well.

Finish with a nerve-gliding thumb exercise. Form a fist by closing and clenching your hand. Release the fist and lengthen your fingers and thumb by straightening them out. Cock back your wrist, and tug gently on your thumb to pull is away as far as possible from your palm. Keep this hold for a 5 count and then release. Slowly twist your wrist to have your palm facing upward. Tugging gently on the thumb once more, stretching it and pulling it away from your palm. This is another stretch you’ll hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this entire stretching pattern for 5 times.

It’s important to note that some carpal tunnel stretches can actually bring more harm than good. That’s because the move can put even more pressure on an already irritated nerve. It is recommended proceed with these stretches cautiously in order to avoid more tendon issues. You may also want to talk to your physician prior to using these stretches for carpal tunnel in order to ensure they provide the benefit intended rather than cause more pain and problems.

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