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50 Things That Make Me Happy
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50 Things That Make Me Happy

When times get tough, and you feeling down and I promised you no matter how happy you are times do get tough from time to time, then it is good to have a list of 50 things that make you happy

If you are feeling low, frustrated or sad then just by looking at this list can uplift your spirit. It does not have to be a complicated list; you do not have to have big items in your list, like a new car, a big house or overseas holidays. Just small things that can make you happy. Of course include the big items also as they often makes us happy. I promise you that an overseas trip makes me really happy, but there are also small things that we encounter everyday and that we take for granted.

I wanted to share y list as an example of sharing myself. The order of the things is irrelevant. I just wrote as I thought of them.

1- Hugging my children

2- Kissing my children

3- Playing with my children

4- When my children do drawings for me.

5- When my children tell me they love me.

6- When my son comes and shows me something he loves.

7- When I go shopping for clothes for myself with my son, and he chooses what I should buy.

8- When my daughter tells me “are you happy with me?”

9- When my daughter draws a picture of myself and herself and tells me she has a surprise for me.

10- Being a mother

11- A cup of tea.

12- A phone call to my parents.

13- Receiving a phone call or email from a friend.

14- When watching my children perform at the school

15- Watching my son in his karate class.

16- Sleeping when I am tired

17- Going for a walk at the beach.

18- When I lose weight.

19- When I sit in front of the computer to work on my business.

20- Reading a book I love with a cup of tea.

21- Filming Videos.

22- Travelling to a new city.

23- Flying even if I had to return after the plane landed.

24- Going for a long drive admiring the landscape .

25- A chat with friends over a cup of tea.

26- Seeing my nieces and nephews/

27- Sleeping late.

28- Having a shower.

29- Buying a dream car.

30- Buying a dream house close to the beach.

31- Sitting in a bookshop reading a book when it is cold outside,

32- Doing Exercise, or walking.

33- Getting a new Laptop or gadget

34- When I succeeded at one of my projects.

35- Watching the sunset over the ocean

36- Swimming when it is boiling hot outside.

37- Eating chocolates.

38- Contributing to some cause//

39- When I can be of service to someone.

40- Watching an inspirational video

41- Listening to an inspirational speech.

42- Meditating.

43- A chat with my mother.

44- A hug from a loved one

45- My children laughing.

46- Watching my children being excited about something.

47- A Smile

48- A baby laughing

49- Feeling the wind on my face

50- Having a nice massage.

So here you go, when I feel down then I read this list and reminds me of different things that make me happy. So go now, set 15 minutes aside and make your list and keep it handy.

Street Talk

Annie D.  

It's truly the small things in life that have the biggest impact, isn't it?

  about 1 decade ago

Annie I totally agree. Thanks for reading my article

  about 1 decade ago

What a lovely list. I can relate to these simplest of life's blessings!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Heather. It is simple things that makes us happy. Thank you for your comment

  about 1 decade ago
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