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A Message To My Child
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Like all the other children ever born in this world you didn't choose to be here. Like all the rest you landed with us because of our actions not yours. You had nothing to say about when, where, what circumstances you would live in, what kind of people would raise you. We have always started that way and always will. So are you just another statistic among the billions already here? Another clone whose main purpose is to perpetuate and prevent extinction? Indistinguishable from the masses that came before? Not on your life.

Having the same starting out process and a similar looking body is where the clone part ends. You are as unique as the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, the Atlantic Ocean. You are interesting, exciting and loveable and we are glad you're here.

Among my goals in life is to help you achieve your goals. I'm not going to achieve for you because to learn the achievement process you must practice it yourself but I will tell you what I have experienced, both good and bad.

I can limit your actions for safety when you're little but I can't really control you. You'll laugh, cry, walk, talk as the mood strikes you but I can try to influence what you do by telling you, showing you and giving you examples to follow.

I know that I will make mistakes because I'm still working on absolute perfection myself but that's what other life experiences are for. You will be exposed to other kids, teachers, neighbors, strangers, employers, co-workers and the whole spectrum of people and experiences if I have my way. My advice is to learn everything you can from all of them. From the oldest to the youngest, most successful to the least, smartest to the dumbest they each have something to teach us.

If I could pass along only one thing to you it would be this. Become an expert on you. Begin by being entirely honest with yourself. You have a completely different set of experiences, feelings, likes and dislikes from any other human being. Probably similar to lots of others but not exactly the same. Conforming to other peoples ideas on what you should be striving for is a recipe for depression. Nobody on earth, including your parents, knows you better than you.

When you come to terms with what you personally really want from life you can relax and focus on getting there. You may and probably will change your mind from time to time when new information enters the picture but that's a good thing.

Keep learning all you can. We haven't found a limit to how much information can be stored between your ears.

Every new piece of information can have value even if you can't see it now. You'll probably find that learning new things is not only enjoyable but easy and cheap with all the forms of communication available.

Knowing yourself plus being interested and looking forward to learning new things will keep you mentally young and give you the best shot at happiness and it is in your control. Most other things are not.


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