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Being Positive In Tough Times
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Being Positive In Tough Times

In my experience being positive in tough times can be a useful tool to combat bad luck. I have experience in the matter and recently my attempts at a change of lifestyle have brought it back to the forefront of my thinking. My mother has always been a great supporter of being positive in tough times and with good reason.

When I was about twelve my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. What I didn't know at the time ( due to my age ) was that it was way more serious than my parents let on. In fact my father was told that my mother had little chance of survival. She beat the cancer with treatment but our joy was short lived. Within two years the cancer had returned and my mother had to go through that battle again.

Since the two battles with cancer she has always maintained that by being positive in tough times she was able to win. She always maintains that the treatment had nothing to do with her success - it was all down to being positive in tough times.

I forgot about this until recently. My life has been sliding on and off track for a number of years now and I had completely forgot about being positive in tough times. Recently I decided to get a grip of my life and give it a spring clean - shake things up a bit. I had been fully aware that for a number of years I was not reaching my full potential and was just coasting through life.

All through my adult life I have let things get me down way to easily and I see that now. By being positive in tough times I would have avoided these 'hiccups' and would probably amount to more than I am today. Never fall into the 'misery loves company' syndrome. If something gets you down then take it as a challenge and sit down to try and find a way around the problem.

Sure, this is easier said than done. Try your best to stay away from groups of people who enjoy nothing more than sitting down and whining on about how bad their lives are - politely excuse yourself from the group and find new surroundings. These types of people will only make you dwell on your own inadequacies and failings.

Life is a game and it's how you choose to play this game that will shape your path through it. Being positive in tough times, whilst being difficult at times, really does work if you find the willpower to believe in it. Good luck and be positive!

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