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Blocks To Happiness - Find The Golden Nugget Of Joy
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If we are all gifted with inner joy, logic dictates it must be waiting, buried, behind the shadow. The deep emotional shadow which reflects a lifetime of negative thinking - and we're all prone to that! - actually deprives us of our birthright.

We have a right to joy and happiness. By actively lightening the shadow of our internal landscape (through a positive outlook), joy and happiness are liberated. Imagine then, that thought is magnetic and attracts according to the expectation of the thinker. The kind of circumstance we create can be improved by this change, we become happier, inner joy ever more accessible - and so starts a virtuous cycle. Often called luck, it is a turnaround - a change of emphasis - within our core - and, with any so-called 'lucky' individuals you can think of, I'll bet joy and laughter are in the frame.

The difficulty, when enmeshed in negativity is to identify it. If it is true that thoughts are magnetic, then negative thinking drives the negative situations of life.

Expect the best! Let the upward spiral begin!

To illustrate, let me recall a course I ran several years ago - four days of 'Problem Solving and Decision Making'. One delegate stays in my mind. In his late twenties, he arrived, smart in collar and tie. Now most delegates welcomed their training days away from the 'coal face' for the chance to dress casually, in 'civvies'. A diffident young man, he caused me some concern when we did the 'Golden Moments' session. For this, armed with paper and crayons, a group individually depicts in a drawing, a golden moment in their life. Engaged in a childhood activity, they revelled in that remembered moment when they were unencumbered by woes and worries, to experience again the frame of mind ideally applied to solving problems - clear, happy and positive. I like to think of this as the wisdom of innocence, an approach to life in general, unburdened by preconception. As an activity this is always a hit and the follow-up discussion light-hearted and noisy. The young man mentioned drew a view of the sea from a window. However, in drawing the cross members of the window in black, the effect suggested a prison and, I felt, presented a can of worms (perhaps depression) beyond my brief to open. But he also saw the image - and it may have been instrumental in what transpired.

He arrived, each day buttoned down and sombre.

The group as a whole had gelled well and become mutually supportive, while I directed some subtle guidance his way. Then, on day four after morning coffee, he trailed late into the room with a beaming smile on his face - he had removed his tie!! After a startled gasp came spontaneous applause from his course colleagues. He admitted that this was the first time since childhood he had taken it off in the day - even at home. A triumph! For him, the sign of a huge inner shift, enabling him to feel freer. Something very significant had changed for him. Hopefully it was the start of a positive journey of self 'dis-covering'.

Drawing and writing - both - are effective tools for revealing the 'phantoms of the shadow', so elusive from the inside. Counselling would be the lesser without them. Everyone can draw - what counts at the end is not how accomplished, but how open (or not) and how colourful (or not). A drawn picture is like a dream, it doesn't lie, reflecting, as it does, the inner life and unnoticed stumbling blocks which may impede a life journey. Trusted friends can work together, enabling self-interpretation of drawings and writings - but trust is of the essence! Deep and personal development must be honoured. Where this is understood a good 'sounding board' can help in identifying subconscious hindrance.

Conditioned by the world around us - upbringing, social circle, nationhood - and marked for good and ill, we are the inheritors of prejudices, strengths, weaknesses and restrictions. The negative ones make a heavy load which crowds out individuality, contentment and joy. It is ours to unravel them, liberate ourselves and find our inner nugget of joyous gold. Fairytales, full of this, are enlightened, psychological treatises.

I'd like to end this with an extreme example of how joy can emanate irrespective of life's circumstances.

It always springs to mind when I recall an African beach I visited when I was very young. It was a place of relaxation for wealthy merchants and their families - a place where rich amass and beggars follow in droves. Sad plights to behold, destitutes mauled, clung and pleaded, beyond dignity or self respect. One, however, with mutilated, ill-formed legs bent at inconceivable angles, pulled himself, crawling each day through the sand to sit at a distance from everybody, serene. Impingeing on no-one, his kind, calm, innocence, entranced everyone. The very sunshine had made a home in his ebony skin - for him donations poured in, every benefactor taking away his thanks, the memory of a dazzling smile and a piece of his mantle of contentment. So many years on, he still looms large in my mind and his memory inspires gratitude - for having met him.

It seemed as though for him the Joy of Life Itself was enough - not even his straitened circumstances could pull him down or crack his peace of mind. It is this which has made him a giant in my memory, a reminder that the same Joy of Life courses through everybody's veins.

Is it reason enough then, to rejoice in being human and celebrate that we are who we are?

Maybe to accept that, is to inherit the fabled nugget of gold

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