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Creating Time
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Creating Time

When you lead a hectic schedule life continues in the way that it has for centuries. Currently life seems so much of a repetition. Today the body of a 20 year old has been discovered by police. A soldier was killed in Afghanistan. Britain is heading for a triple dip recession. The price of fresh produce is expected to soar.

News like this is so repetitive. When we hear or see news like this it dampens our moral. How can effective changes for us be possible when news like these streams across our media each day? How do we find the courage to meet today, tomorrow or even next year?

Personally I think that overall change comes from individual change or participation. Easier said then done but if analysed carefully it is an individual participation that accumulates to an overall change. Take a street of terrace homes. If the entire street is neglected the terrace homes will look dilapidated and suffer a drop in price. If one owner tends to his or her property the effect on the whole street will not be noticed. However, if at least 60% of the home owners or occupiers played a pivotal role in their community then the whole street will change. You will notice change and you will be motivated to change.

How do we find the time to incur change? It certainly is not easy if we get cornered into repetitive and mundane chores each day. Get up, go to work, go shopping and back home. Where is the time? Where do we find time when exhaustion steps in? You know the feeling. We become construed to survive. As boldly as it sounds it is nothing but the blatant truth.

We know well that the day is composed of 24 hours. How much of this time would you need to sleep? Well we do know that to sleep less than 6 hours is unhealthy and ineffective. It is also dangerous if your vocation entails driving or steering any craft in public domains. Let us allocate 7 hours as it is impossible to fall off to sleep immediately. What about your vocation?

Our vocation does take up time. Apart from the scheduled hours of work there is time that is needed for preparation especially if you are a teacher or a reporter. There is commuting too and this can be hard if you work a distance away from home. Would you say an allowance of 11 hours will suffice? There could be a variance of an hour either way as each individual is unique. Out of 24 hours already 18 hours has passed, give or take an hour.

Eating three meals a day and the preparation thereof takes time too. Your diet plays a vital role on your merry road to success. I call it merry because if you are not happy in doing something then your efforts will never be sincere. Would you say 2 hours would be adequate? This is something that requires your personal assessment. I cannot expect you to be like me and neither can you expect me to be like you. We are unique individuals even though we are fundamentally the same.

This does narrow our remaining hours to 4 hours. Already finding time to make changes in your life gets shelved to the bottom rung of daily activities in your life. We do need time to unwind, to relax and to watch TV or socialise and interact with others at home or out of the house. Already my day has gone. My enthusiasm has been diminished and my inspiration has been engulfed. Could this be the reason why I have not found the time to change for so long?

Finding the time to change is probably the hardest thing to do. However Time Management and the mannerism in your daily approach can be an advantage to you. Participation from others helps. As you would expect others to help you, you need to help too. Maintaining a good physique is a primary retribution to Time Management. I call it Personal Programming. Personal Programming allows individual assessment into how their 24 hours can be managed into effective hours of profitable work. We will expand on this later on.

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