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Do You Want To Be Happy? Don’t Focus On What You Don’t Like About A Person
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Do You Want To Be Happy? Don’t Focus On What You Don’t Like About A Person

Do some people drive you crazy? Is there something about them that you instantly do not like?

Do you constantly look at the people who surround you in your life such as your wife or husband, mother father, work colleagues,siblings or even your boss and instantly feel irritated? Every time this person comes into your mind do you remember what you dislike and wish they acted differently? As human beings we all seem to automatically do this and it is very difficult to train ourselves not to succumb to the temptation to dwell on the negative.

By constantly thinking about what we dislike about a person we give a lot of attention to what we are seeking to avoid in our lives and emit strong negative vibrations. The universe has a mission to deliver us what we think about and does not delve deep and consider whether we are thinking about something because we want it or do not want it. The universe rewards us by giving us what we think about most.

You should also remember that by thinking about the negative traits of a person, or why they acted in a particular way towards us we become a victim as we lose our power to determine how we feel inside. We give the other person control over us as they affect how we feel and this can destroy our lives. If we feel upset we cannot feel happy and appreciative for the good in our lives amd it is impossible for us to emit the type of vibration that draws to us what we really want. Because of the kind of negative vibration we are emitting we draw more of what we already have to ourselves which means that we get more of what we do not want ie. people whom we do not like.

When a person causes us concern the solution is to focus on how it would be and how we would feel if the person acted differently. These thoughts will give us great peace and cause us to emit the type of positive vibrations that will attract positive experiences to both us and them.

Often we do not like the way our children act and we see character weaknesses in them that we want them to overcome. As 'thoughts become things' it is essential that we mould and change our children be focusing on how happy we will be when they act ina certain way. For example if we have a child who constantly leaves assignments to the last moment we must refrain from criticising this negative trait. WE should simply state to the child that it is not a good habit to get into as the consequences will be a loss or marks, detention and inefficiency as an adult. We should then quickly move on to painting a picture of what both you and the child will feel like when work is completed early and handed in on time. You can speak about the feelings of satisfaction that will ensue and of the opportunity for high marks. Gradulayy the child will come to see himself or herself as an effective student and will maintain a mind movie of this. These mind movies will keep playing in the child's mind until they become his or her reality and he or she is the person in the movie.

The universe is set up to fulfil your commands, much like a genie and if you constantly think about something it assumes that you want it. It is essentail, therefore, that you only think about what you want and in fact act as though you already have it. If you are already living your ideal life in your subconscious it is a given that it will quickly be drawn into your physical world. Also, you are not as desperate to escape your current reality as you live your dream each day in your mind.

Remember we don’t want things or situations for the sake of having them. We want them because of how they make us feel. If we already feel good in our subconscious minds as we already have what we want, there is no reason to feel the negative thoughts associated with want. We can feel gratitude and this will quickly bring to us what we are seeking.

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